Cover of Shifting Through Infinity

Shifting Through Infinity

Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2010
Category: Dimensions & Realities
Bashar describes the universe from a new perspective and introduces the concept of reality as an inf
Cover of Simultaneity Of Existence

Simultaneity Of Existence

Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2010
Category: Dimensions & Realities
PLEASE NOTE that for the first 12 minutes of Disk 2 there are audio technical difficulties. We deci
Cover of State Of The Union

State Of The Union

Transformation and Earth

Year: 2016
Category: Transformation to New Earth
Join Bashar for this very special Father?s Day transmission from his own father, the master contact
Cover of Stepping From The Shadows

Stepping From The Shadows

Belief, Consciousness and Identity

Year: 2018
Category: Existence & Consciousness
As the time of transformation intensifies, Bashar introduces a new permission slip for us to apply.
Cover of Take Action

Take Action

Creation and Manifestation

Year: 2008
Category: Creation & Manifestation
Part 1: 'Take Action': Bashar provides and in depth exploration of the importance of taking action w
Cover of The 1-3-5-7-11 Download

The 1-3-5-7-11 Download

Creation and Manifestation

Year: 2019
Category: Creation & Manifestation
Bashar explains the main metaphysical principles that form the framework of physical reality and sha
Cover of The 33Rd Parallel

The 33Rd Parallel

Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2013
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
An introduction to the principles of parallel incarnations by Willa Hillicrissing, a parallel realit
Cover of The 4 Laws Of Creation

The 4 Laws Of Creation

Creation and Manifestation

Year: 2012
Category: Creation & Manifestation
Session Name : The 4 Laws Of CreationSession Date : 26-5-2012Session Location : Sil
Cover of The Apprentice The Adept And The Alchemist

The Apprentice The Adept And The Alchemist

Creation and Manifestation

Year: 2013
Category: Creation & Manifestation
A Story of Transformation. Bashar shares a story about our process of change and ascension. Session
Cover of The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Soul and Oversoul

Year: 2015
Category: Soul & OverSoul
Explore 'The Oversoul' and its relationship to your individual soul. Intensify your connection with