Cover of Dialogue With The Future Self

Dialogue With The Future Self

Soul and Oversoul

Year: 2010
Category: Soul & OverSoul
If you could talk to your idealized future self and understand how you became that person, what do y
Cover of Diving Deeper Into The Nine Levels Of Consciousness

Diving Deeper Into The Nine Levels Of Consciousness

Belief, Consciousness and Identity

Year: 2011
Category: Existence & Consciousness
Explore higher levels of consciousness in this mind-bending adventure with Bashar and master the art
Cover of Download



Year: 2008
Category: Channeling
Bashar invites you to open the door to your Higher Self and explore your power to become more sensit
Cover of Dream A Little Dream

Dream A Little Dream

Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2013
Category: Dimensions & Realities
Celebrate 30 years of Bashar Channeled by Darryl Anka with this special anniversary event! In this s
Cover of Dreamworld


Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2019
Category: Dimensions & Realities
Where do we go when we dream? Bashar will describe 'Dreamworld,' a part of the lower astral realm in
Cover of Earth Zero

Earth Zero

Transformation and Earth

Year: 2019
Category: Transformation to New Earth
Each moment, the entire Earth shifts back to the zero template, in the same way that each individual
Cover of Exploring The Portal Of Probabilities

Exploring The Portal Of Probabilities

Creation and Manifestation

Year: 2019
Category: Creation & Manifestation
Join us in the vortex - The Portal of Probabilities - which, as Bashar states, is the reason that th
Cover of Extraterrestrial Contact Act

Extraterrestrial Contact Act

Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2006
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
The Extraterrestrial Contact Act is a bill that, when enacted into law, will establish a Contact Pro
Cover of Fifteen Minutes In Hyperspace

Fifteen Minutes In Hyperspace

Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2009
Category: Dimensions & Realities
The intensity increases in this second part of the Sedona event. Bashar begins the session with a g
Cover of Future Milestones

Future Milestones

Transformation and Earth

Year: 2006
Category: Transformation to New Earth
At this special 'Evening with Bashar', Bashar explores some of the future milestones that are most p