Cover of 2014 Year Of Reinvention

2014 Year Of Reinvention

Transformation and Earth

Year: 2013
Category: Transformation to New Earth
Reinventing ourselves in 2014 to be in harmonious alignment with the upcoming accelerated energy cha
Cover of 3-Epiphany


Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2017
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
In this intriguing 3-day event, Bashar explores the special role that artificial intelligence has wi
Cover of A Matter of Faith Intensive

A Matter of Faith Intensive

Creation and Manifestation

Year: 2007
Category: Creation & Manifestation
This four hour intensive provides a deep exploration of the concept of faith. Bashar takes us on a
Cover of As Above So Below

As Above So Below

Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2017
Category: Dimensions & Realities
Understand how the higher non-physical levels of energy manifest as the physical reality we experien
Cover of Connecting to the Oversoul

Connecting to the Oversoul

Soul and Oversoul

Year: 2010
Category: Soul & OverSoul
The second part of this intensive begins with a Holotope guided meditation with Bashar. This medita
Cover of Crystal Portals Within The Infinite

Crystal Portals Within The Infinite

Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2010
Category: Dimensions & Realities
Slip Stream: Bashar discusses how to become much more superconductive, hyper-conductive of the energ
Cover of Cycles Of Nine

Cycles Of Nine

Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2013
Category: Dimensions & Realities
How the vibrational significance of the number 9 symbolizes the end of old cycles and will energetic
Cover of Download



Year: 2008
Category: Channeling
Bashar invites you to open the door to your Higher Self and explore your power to become more sensit
Cover of Dream A Little Dream

Dream A Little Dream

Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2013
Category: Dimensions & Realities
Celebrate 30 years of Bashar Channeled by Darryl Anka with this special anniversary event! In this s
Cover of Dreamworld


Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2019
Category: Dimensions & Realities
Where do we go when we dream? Bashar will describe 'Dreamworld,' a part of the lower astral realm in