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Could you tell us how far your planet is from us, and in what direction we would look to see where you're going to be?
Yes; however, you will not be able to see our star because we are in a different dimensional plane. While we are in our dimensional plane we cannot see your star either until we make the dimensional shift. However, if our dimension and your dimension were overlapped, you would find our star approximately 500 of your light years of counting in the direction of the constellation you call Orion.



Bashar - You are the Infinite


The 'Primary Facilitator' of Bashar's world explains the purpose of their contact with us.

EssassaniShakani / Essassani

Essassani / Shakani

The Sassani are Bashar's species, the 3rd hybrid race. They inhabit the planet Essassani (meaning "place of living light"), which, like our planet, is the 3rd planet from their star, which they call Sha. Their solar system, though not visible from our physical dimension, would be approximately 500 light-years in the direction of the Orion constellation. Around Essassani orbit 3 white/blue glowing spheres which are artificial moons that embody the Essassani oversoul and resonate a stabilization vibration. In this way the Sassani have a relationship with a physicalized version of their collective consciousness. The Sassani ("living light") live in complete harmonious synchronicity with each other, and evolutionarily are in the process of transitioning from 4th to 5th density, quasi-physical to non-physical. In their upgraded 5th density form, they are called Eshakani.

Please remember — this is very important to remember, all of you. Our civilization is not doing anything more than you're doing. We create our own reality, you create your own reality. It's just that we are aware that we're doing so. So the only difference between what we experience in our civilization and what you experience in your lives, in your civilization, is not a difference that we're doing something different; it's the degree of awareness that you have that you're doing the same thing that we are. That's the difference. So the more you are more aware of who you are and how you're creating your reality, through your belief systems, then the more you will see that you are always in control of whatever it is that you experience in life.


The Essassani/Eshakani will be the 3rd hybrids that humanity will make physical contact with, after the 5th and 4th hybrid races (Ya'Yel and unknown), respectively — but have been imparting information (specifically, the most advanced metaphysical information) to Humanity in various ways, not the least of which is through Darryl Anka (who is of the same oversoul as Bashar, and thus is able to act as a channel for Bashar's vibrations), for many years before open contact, in order to allow those Humans who choose to do so, to raise their vibrational frequency and simply define out of experience the mechanisms of control that have existed on Earth for thousands upon thousands of years.

Bashar Talks About His World


Bashar talks about himself, his world and his relationship to Darryl Anka. This is a good introduction for people that are new to the Bashar transmission.

The Essassani live primarily in city-sized spaceships above the surface of Essassani, having built only a few structures on its surface for very specific purposes. Bashar himself says he lives on his scout ship some miles above Sedona, Arizona, which is the largest energy vortex on the Earth. The vertical distance of the ship is used as a vibrational barometer for how close we are to physical "open contact" with our extraterrestrial neighbors:

Bashar - Extra-Terrestrial People


Channeled by Darryl Anka. "A Message from Sirius" (Nov 11, 2012 - Los Angeles CA). Bashar is a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future. Bashar explores a wide-range of subjects with great insight, humor and a profound understanding of how reality creation occurs!


They began to hold that position at approximately 2,500 miles in 2009 (prior to which it was over Cairo). Following is an (incomplete) table tracking this idea:

Date 1997 2009-
? 2012-
Miles ~3000 2,979 2,500 2,000 1,977 1,000 1,936 1,875 1,750 1,725 1,000 1,540 1,300 1,350 975 853 800-900 7,285

Bashar said in 1997:

Let us begin this transmission with a further description and explanation of something that we have discussed recently, in that our craft, that is mine personally, and three other craft from my civilization being positioned physically around your planet at this time, for the purpose of helping to assist, and adjusting the energy of your world as it changes within the collective consciousness. And in positioning ourselves at certain points around your planet, above your planet, helping to adjust that energy by acting like a focusing lens, to help smooth and balance the energies of the changes going on within the consciousness of your people at this time. But we are not the only ones doing this. The idea, first and foremost, in describing the positions of the crafts that belong to my society, in that they are triangular craft and they are positioned in a tetrahedral formation, can be more precisely described as follows.

We have already said that my craft specifically is positioned approximately, give or take, approximately 3,000 of your miles above your city of Cairo. Now, the idea is that sometimes individuals may have assumed that when we talked about the idea of my craft and three other craft forming a tetrahedral structure, they may have assumed that we were referring to the positions of our craft as if they were the apexes, the points, of the tetrahedron, but they are not. They are the centers of the sides, the four sides of the tetrahedral structure; in that each side is a triangle. But if you will extend each side of our physical craft outwards in energy, as if it were a larger triangle so that it reaches out in energy until it touches the projected energy sides of the other three craft, then you could see that your world is enclosed in an energy tetrahedron generated by certain frequencies of our ships.

So, it is like your spherical world is inside a clear energy tetrahedron, generated by our four craft. I am in, as we have said, the position above your city of Cairo, approximately what you would understand as your 30 degrees longitude and 30 degrees latitude. The other craft are in positions of, longitudinally 90 degrees west, which positions it just off the shores of the area of your planet you call Peru, and also 150 degrees east, which positions it in the ocean, above the ocean, underneath what you call your Asian area, and above what you call your Australian / New Zealand area, again positioned over the ocean. The fourth craft being positioned off the coast, by a few hundred miles, of what you call your Antarctica, again over the ocean. I am the only craft that is directly above land at this time. These are the positions that will allow us to form, relatively speaking, a regular tetrahedron structure.

Now, we are not the only ones. Beyond us there are other ships from other civilizations, forming other geometric energy forms, geometric energy shells around your planet, and this is what we are referring to in this opening transmission, the geometric energy shells generated around the Earth for the purpose of balancing, energizing, amplifying, assisting the changes going on in your world now, acting as a filtration system, an amplification system, a step-down and step-up system. The shell beyond us is formed by six craft from other civilizations forming a cube, and beyond that you have the octahedral with eight craft forming that. And beyond that you have other ideas of regular geometric solids such as the two dodecahedral solids, thus, twelve craft generating twelve energy fields, forming two types of regular twelve sided solids, and twenty craft generating the icosahedral shell around your planet. And then, beyond that, beyond, beyond, there are more, generating more different kinds of shells; twenty shells in all. The final shell extends just beyond the orbit of your moon. Thus, we encompass and enclose your entire Earth/Moon system, to aid and assist in the balancing and regulating of energy. But only as we take your cues, in that sense, from your collective consciousness in helping regulate the changes going on now, and the changes coming up.

Do not ask me who the other craft belong to. I cannot tell you at this time. But suffice to say, it is allowed that I can tell you there are twenty shells of craft forming these twenty different kinds of energy shells. We are the innermost one, forming the tetrahedron. Below us, in that sense, there are other ships, but they do not form shells. They work with independent vortexes, vortices, on your planet, adjusting and regulating, but again, in accordance with the timing of your collective and individual consciousness. The tetrahedron we now form, the energy triangles that fan out from our ships, all four of the ships of my civilization, form a tetrahedron, that on each side would be approximately 36,000 miles, each triangle 36,000 miles on a side in order that your world is enclosed in a tetrahedron. The closest tangent to your planet being the four ships themselves, the closest point being about 3,000 miles up. This forms a tetrahedral structure that has triangles of 36,000 miles on a side.

When it comes time for our ships to touch down, to physically touch the surface of your world, as we close in, as the tetrahedron gets smaller and smaller and then just encloses your planet by touching it, that will form a tetrahedron with triangles of approximately 19,000 miles on a side; in fact, in actual fact, 19,500. There is the 19.5 again that many of you are familiar with. And this will represent, when we have touched down on the surface of your planet, in what you call the near future, on what you call the idea or time of contact.

All the shells will collapse, will close down as best they can, interpenetrating one another. Each shell having a touchdown point representative of the number of side in the shell. Therefore, our civilization will initially have four touchdown points. The next civilization will have six touchdown points. The next civilization will have eight touchdown points. The next civilization, two of them, will have twelve touchdown points each. The next beyond that, will have twenty touchdown points each and beyond, forming the different civilizational contacts that will appear, but not at the same time. Each will be representative of a higher energy hierarchy and each will manifest in due time, as each shell helps accelerate your planet up different and different vibrational levels of fourth density. You will then be able to interact with and view physically the different civilizations that are representative of the different inner shells, one at a time, one after the other, as you become acclimated to the different energy resonances that are represented by the different shells as they collapse and touch your planet tangentially.

We will talk more about this methodology of contact later, but this is one of the ways that we have used to help accelerate and balance the energy toward contact and the methodology and the unfoldment of contact itself, with regard to the energy shell relationship and the energy of your world.

Bashar (1997)

This formation may have changed in the last 20+ years, as he no longer mentions this idea, only the idea of using the altitude of their ships over our planet as a barometer for how close we are to being ready for open contact for 4th density civilizations.

Other Essassani beings purportedly in contact with humans include Anima (Bashar's female counterpart), Cybo, ElanOnkorSoleil, and Riok.