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Library: Bashar Library
Year: 2015
Link: LinkBashar Store : (2015) An Evening at Learning Light

Bashar answers your questions in this exciting Orange County event!

Session Name : An Evening At Learning Light
Session Date : 22-8-2015
Session Location : Anaheim, CA
Session Length : 2 Hours

Q and A Includes :

1 - I?ve always felt different.
Someone told me there?s an aberration in my spine that allows me access to other realms.
Can you clarify
2 - When will there be mass contact
3 - Is the info that we?re dreaming downloaded a few seconds before we awake
4 - How do we know if guidance we receive is from a higher source
5 - My dog is having a hard time with others.
He bites people who come to my house to take care of her when I?m gone.
What can be done about it
6 - My 02-12 year-old daughter is seeing owls in her room that make her fly and she?s terrified.
Why are they around her and the rest of the family Are they hurting her
7 - About what you said regarding the Fall of 2016, can you tell us if we?ll be okay
8 - What can you tell us about the Blood Moon this September
9 - Can we make bigger contributions to society and does it matter Do we make an impact
10 - What is my galactic heritage
11 - How do I remember more about who I am
12 - My kids are drawn to technology.
How can they create a balance between fun and disconnection
13 - Is cannabis interfering with my expansion
14 - What?s the essence of genius, people like Einstein and Mozart.
Did they work with ETs
15 - How do you learn or know things in your society
16 - Why do I feel so disconnected in life Especially in a relationship
17 - I?ve been trying DMT and I?ve been speaking in another voice.
Is that my higher self
18 - Is there any way we can each raise our energy to make this shift come quicker
19 - I?ve always loved cats and tigers.
What?s the connection for me
20 - I?m fascinated with the full moon.
I go into a trance.
What is that
21 - What?s your perspective of poker and playing it as a career
22 - Is addiction related to the adrenalin love they get from risk
23 - How can we learn without memory Why learn if we already know what we need to know when we need to know it
24 - Why does a stillborn birth occur
25 - Why do people commit suicide
26 - As I transition my career to a peace officer, where?s the balance between compromising my excitement
27 - What tips do you have for following my excitement as an intuitive healer
28 - Can you talk about miscarriages and abortions Can that baby come back to reality What is the lesson
29 - Could you help me come to terms with the cruelty in this world
30 - Does Electromagnetic Therapy work
31 - How do I react to indiscriminate racism and violence
32 - Is part of our evolution to share the planet with other entities without eating them How can we improve our relationship with t

Includes a HOLOTOPE Guided Meditation ... a Transformative Experience of Light, Color and Sound.