Jacqueline Fiolet

Jacqueline Fiolet

Jacqueline has been working with energies since childhood, having picked that up from her parents. She came into contact with the ExtraTerrestrials after a lifelong journey of Self exploration and development in which she finally came into contact with Haggai Katz, where she made her first contact to her guide from outer space.

Hi, I am Jacqueline Fiolet ...

As mentioned I have been exploring my inner Self for decades by joining numerous groups, courses, workshops and seemingly not being able to find the real truth about my Self and being very disappointed about that many times. 

It all changed in 2012 after having received The Reconnection and joining the seminars with Dr. Eric Pearl in Barcelona, Spain.

And sometimes when change comes, it comes so fast, in a way beyond imagination and only then you can see that all you have done during all those years was just meant as a preparation for this moment.
Know, there is no mistake in the Universe !
Whatever happens in our lives is happening for a reason. This is what happend to me (and still is ..).

The Reconnection Seminar

Back in the hotel room after the first day on The Reconnection seminar in Barcelona I got very strange reactions. I was laying on my bed and my hands started moving over my belly in a rapid pace and after a few minutes it intensified enormously and I was laughing almost hysterical. In one way I felt I could stop it if I wanted to but it also had something irresistible in it. And I could stop it ...  as soon as I stood up from the bed to go to the toilet, it was gone, commencing as soon as I layed my self down on the bed again. Fortunately my husband was there to watch over me, because it was a little freaky although it felt ok. Of course the next day I asked one of the seminar trainers and she smiled lovely and said this was perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about, but nothing was said what was really going on.

At that moment I had no idea that this was my first contact with the ExtraTerrestrials where they gave me a healing on blockages in my belly. I was not even familiar with the idea that the ExtraTerrestrials were here on the planet, helping humanity in various ways. This was the starting point of a wonderfull journey.

I started a practice in Reconnective Healing, had wonderful results and loved so much being in the energy that builds up during the sessions. We helped several people getting "Reconnected" again that feeling is indescribable loving work to do. My husband and I  (I am blessed to walk this path together) got more and stronger signals that drew our attention to existence beyond Earth. Eric Pearl himself started writing about it and we got very familiar with messages from the Pleaiadies. We got interested in crop circles and booked a trip to England with Janet Ossebaard, who became dear friends since then, which feels actually more as a reconnection in the 3rd dimension. 



Meeting the extraterrestrial beings for the first time

And then Haggai Katz "just" comes in our lives telling us about his work in healing with an ExtraTerrestrial Medical Team.

At first I was very skeptical, I was not even sure the cropcircles were made by ET's at that moment. But then Haggai said to me personally that the ET's really would like to work wih me and if I wanted to, he could bring me into contact with them and connect me to my ET-Guide. And so we did. 

Now I have daily, almost continuously contact with my ET-Guide Joël and a guide is actually a bridge between our dimension and the dimensions they come from. This contact is both "physical" as mental through my subconsiousness. When Joël makes contact I allow him to work through my system and allowing him to raise energetic vibrations and direct my hands. When this first happend I immediatly recognized this from the events in the hotel room in Barcelona and in the cropcircles in England where the CircleMakers tried to come into contact with me.

Little did I know then, nowadays it is quite normal to have such contact with Joël which is such a loving encounter every time due to his kindness, his energy and his patience in responding our questions with his wisdom. Through Joël I can work with an ExtraTerrestrial Medical Team and help people on so many levels of their existence and together with my background as NLP MasterPractitioner and Master Hypnotherapist I can translate and support people on what's happening in a more tangible way, understandable in our own dimension.

I really love this work and I am very gratefull for their help, their respect, their wisdom and especially their love.







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