3. ET Contact Experience

ET Contact Experience
13. 12. 05
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
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Are you interested in ExtraTerrestrials and want to find out more? For instance...who are they? Want to come into contact before applying a healing session, a larger visited workshop or a retraite? Then most likely our channeling evening is the perfect way for you to experience the first contact!   


Healing Centre Beyond Medicine organizes - on regular bases - a contact evening for small groups, where you can come into very close contact with the ET's.

During these evenings you can ask for deeper explanations than possible during larger visited workshops, where mostly only more general questions and answers are discussed. Main part of these evenings are about experiencing the existence of the ExtraTerrestrials through channeling , grouphealing and - if time permits - for one or two persons a short, individual healing.

Naturally the individual healing is on voluntary bases and will not be dealing with severe ailments. The goal is to experience the way an individual healing works and to feel the energy the ET's work with. 

If you are interested to join us, please subscribe upfront. The groups will be no bigger as 10 persons total and full is full !
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