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13. 10. 27
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet

La Vie Tara is a former monastery on the outskirts of the idyllic village Lalouvesc, known for the pelgrimages, surrounded by two acres of beautiful garden in the green Ardeche (South France) at an altitude of 1,080 meters and has settled itself in our our hearts from the moment we saw her and stays there ever since.

The monastry is located on top of a active Ley-line and crosses the chapel of the former monastery and this Ley-line connects it with other energetic places in the region.
The region (and the village itself as well) is known since ancient times for miraculous healings and apparitions and so, it is no coincidence that our ET-Healing Retreats take place here.

All the more so as the veil in this region is very thin and therefore the stars are very bright and because of this it has great appeal to astronomers and astrologers and the Extraterrestrials as well.

Also a very interesting development for the region, that realizes that the traditionally present appeal from the religious angle (the healings and apparitions were attributed to saints) actually no longer exists and choses to move in the direction of the "alternative", both on spiritual level as on the level of health and society (ecological communities).

Below we present to you the atmosphere and energy as good as possible, but we understand that a 2D image can never replace a real experience.
We do the best possible to explain it on this website, but La Vie Tara is a place you really have to visit yourself to fully understand how life is here.















   Backside of the former
   monastry La Vie Tara
   with lots of space for silence,
   a walk, activities outside
   or even sleeping outside 
   for who likes to.



  La Vie Tara - Main Entrance


 La Vie Tara - Inside Chapel 

Stargate Experience - La Vie Tara 



LaVieTara Surrounding

La Vie Tara Healing

La Vie Tara - Sacred Places