Shifting through time and dimensions

Shifting through time and dimensions

"Dear Jacqueline,

Last week you brought me a beautiful and amazing healing that changed everything.
Thank you very much. Unimaginable, what has happened and what is still unfolding.

On the audio recording I heard some of your words about shifts in time, space and dimensions.
We are about one week further now and I want to send you this e-mail.

Things are really working out like this for me at the moment and it's so unbelievable different from before.

While listening to your voice on the recording, I feel the vibrations going through my body time and time again.
By the way, this is a phenomenon that keeps happening when I tune in and listen to people.
This is another special experience.

The day after the ET-healing session ...

... , when I got up, my chest area felt as if it was a fresh surgical area.
I still have a different kind of sensations in these areas and I have the feeling that I have to take it easy to heal these interventions.
Furthermore, I cough a bit more, I feel it has to do with the unfolding process of letting go and excreting old stuff.
Physically, a many many things are changing. Miraculous!

The words you spoke about what you observed were so clear and pure and allowed me to follow exactly what was being done.
It is so beautiful, the way the ET's mentioned to just take it easy if this is needed.
I'm really calming things down at the moment, without any feeling of guilt or shame anymore.
Finally, when my body feels tired, I can allow it to feel tired without judging myself.
Curiously enough, that feels good. It really feels so much kinder than before.
And then, all those beautiful gifts that were brought at the end of my ET-Healing session.

It all feels like a quantum leap in consciousness where I am in the middle of a neutral zone between my old mechanisms and the new ones, and I can freely chose where to go.
As if I am in another reality altogether, I even feel younger.
I can go on with all the beauty for a while, this healing session has really changed my life !!!

Jacqueline, after your ET-healing session I was reading my new lessons from 'the course in miracles' and you literally quoted sentences from these lessons !!!
Unbelievable. And this proves to me that this session is a great blessing on all fronts.

Thank you very much for your beautiful team of ET's and the special guide.
And especially thanks for your purity, your strength and your example to be yourself.

Big hug and kisses."


And wow, I feel so grateful for this beautiful mail!
~Jacqueline and Joël with the loving extraterrestrial team
~Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication