My First ET-Healing Session

Together We Heal

In the past years we have received requests from people overseas (Canada, USA, Australia, UK, India, ...) to develop a program for ET-Healing Practitioner via skype.
This year for the first time we decided to give it a try and see what happens.
Not that it is so hard to do sessions on a distance, that's quite normal. The point is that we had doubts about not being able to support and train the new practitioners side-by-side.
After all, a complete new world start opening up after 'the first contact' and a lot of new energies need to get integrated which can bring a lot of stuff to the surface.

Now, see the first ET-Healing experience of a newly initiated ET-Healing Practitioner in Canada ... 

OMG Jacqueline!

I gave my very first ET-Healing session on the spot, intuitively, to my massage therapist (she is open to these things and does energy healing also) and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! It completely blew my mind!!
I didn't know I had these things in me!?

I was scared I wouldn't know what to do but they were always giving me one or two steps ahead.
Although I had a moment where I almost panicked and didn't know what to do when she was almost having convulsions on her chair, but I thought they knew what they were doing and decided to trust the process as I saw it wasn't getting worst and out of control. Yes, she was sitting in a chair as we didn't plan for it at the moment we felt their presence.

I was in the "zone" (it almost felt like a space without time) and experienced myself as pure consciousness without ego.
They were right to tell me I was (somehow) ready, to start and let myself be surprised.

My therapist was very open, hence easier to deal with. I'm not expecting such results on everyone I train with, but I'll stay as confident as possible. It's so inspiring!
I feel I could see things but not with my physical eyes, rather as if my higher-self was seeing things it was telepathically sending me images of. Would that make sense to you?

I felt compelled to say things during the session that she confirmed relevant and I even saw them give her a hug at a moment she later confirmed was the toughest of the session, saying it was very deep for her.
At the end, I felt they wanted to play with her and tickle her, which I thought was maybe silly so I didn't dare telling her in the moment but she later confirmed it would have made sense to her.

That was last Friday 07-07 and I still can't believe what happened.
This is all pretty much all new to me. I never had these "gifts" before.


And later on ...

OMG, I was wondering why I felt a pressure near my left inside heel when you gave me the session and they were anchoring my star family's energy.
I was clueless as it didn't represent any acupuncture points I could find.
I never told my therapist and then out of the blue she "coincidentally" showed me a page of a book about Jin Shin Jyutsu that mentioned that particular point was meant to:
• Have the consciousness evolve
• recognize cause and effect
• free oneself from the past and accept what is new
• free oneself from all fears
Holy smoke, how pertinent is that?? haha!

My mind is officially blown and I can't wait for what's coming :)


July 7, 2017, Nadine StL......., CANADA 

My deepest gratitude for the coorperation and cocreating these beautifull ET-Healing sessions ...
~Jacqueline Fiolet en Joël and the extraterrestrial team
~Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication