ET-Healing for Gabber

Healing voor Gabber

Gabber is a very cute dog and one day his owner contacted me and asked me to do a distance ET-healing session for him, because when she lifts him, he is screaming in pain.
The veterinarian don't know what's going on.

He also doesn't like brushing, which he normally loves. 
Moreover, he pants terribly when he runs while he's out, and this lady fears heart problems despite the fact that the veterinarian can't find anything.

My extraterrestrial team starts the ET-healing session by examining and calming Gabber, for he is upset.
The ET's check his vertebrae in his neck and then move on to his tail.
Then they listen with a kind of stethoscope. It looks like a general check for Gabber.
They even brush him to see how he reacts. Then Gabber showed them that he was in pain.

The vital functions appear to be good. The team shows me that he is a bit stiff.
Gabber is given a kind of infrared light treatment, because he appears to have a lot of muscle and joint aches, and they indicate that he may drink more, because of acidification.

They recommended to place warm jars on his lying area, so that he would have a nice warmth, and in this way the blood flow would improve.
As a result, the waste materials can be disposed of more easily.

When I ask the team why he is gasping so often, the team answers that he has started his life under terrible conditions (this is a dog from the streets in Spain).
His immune system is damaged, he carries trauma, and he is therefor very quickly tired.
And he needs a lot of energy to clear away all the stresses of his past.

His blood count is at times too low, which in turn requires a lot of energy to recover.
Gabber's mother is a rather older dog, and therefore her puppies were weaker than those of a young dog.

Gabber is given a kind of spiralling energy throughout his entire body. He also receives two times a kind of infusion to thoroughly purge out the toxins from his entire physical body.
Then ET's take a kind of scan from Gabber. And they test Gabber again by stroking him first softly but increasingly stronger, but he no longer reacts with such intensity.
Finally the ET's put him on a kind of treadmill. Gabber seems to like it and he is active.
He shows that he is playing and is cheerful, and challenging the way happy dogs can do that.

The same day of the ET-healing session, late in the afternoon I received the following euphoric e-mail from his owner ...

"Dear Jacqueline,
I don't know exactly what happened, but since about half an hour there has been a very happy Gabber jumping with his ball, playing with his ball and being naughty.
I have yet to listen to the recording, but I am extremely happy that I wanted to e-mail you right away and I am so grateful!!!
Until now Gabber has been sleeping all day and even this morning he could barely do anything, and now this metamorphosis is amazing. 

My love for you, Joël and the extraterrestrial team is enormous, I can't thank you enough."

Wow, how blessed I am with this beautiful work!!!
~ Jacqueline and Joël with the extraterrestrial team
~ Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication