ET-Healing for a paralyzed dog


Last week I had the opportunity to do another wonderful ET-Healing session for a dog that was paralysed at the backside several months ago due to a fatal accident.
My extraterrestrial team loves to work with animals as well because they too contribute enormously to the transformation and healing of people through their unconditional love.
And that the teams by helping our pets in this way also indirectly help the people.

During the last few months I have been able to support this dog several times with my extraterrestrial team and also here the teams continue to surprise me every time.
In the meantime this dog was already progressing pretty well.

Last week the owner asked me to ask Joël and the team why the dog is troubled moving at "normal" moments nowadays, while when he is distracted by some goodies or suddenly becomes very "excited", he starts to walk better and better.

At that moment my 'mind' thought that this was probably a matter of asking for negative attention.
The dog of course gets a lot of attention when he is or does "pathetic".
I was almost convinced of the fact that this was happening here.

Anyways, I start the session, tune in to Joël and the team and ask them to look at the dog again to see what else there is to do about his paralysis and ask for insights on the question of his carer.
It turned out to be very different and it touched me enormously what the extraterrestrial team told me.

This dog helped his owner by his 'paralysis' on a completely different level!

Sometimes people have trouble moving because of convictions that they can't do it or aren't worth it. Not good enough.
And it is precisely these people who can have the greatest confidence in the abilities of others.

This dog shouldn't be able to walk anymore and yet his owner doesn't give up.
Comes to ET-Healing sessions because he knows there are solutions.
Also trains with his dog every day.
He knows his best buddy can do it!

And this dog in turn helps his owner by, so to speak, continuing to limp and thus giving his owner the opportunity to train with him again.
To keep showing his owner that as long as you want and persevere that it is possible.
It was the enthusiasm and enormous love of the owner that started to flow again.
To believe in the impossible.

The dog knew in a different way that if he kept limping he will get his owner moving and he gives him a feeling of joy and gratitude that that has an impact in his own life.
This dog is willing to do anything to make him happy!

This is the first time I have experienced it like this. That an animal takes on such a task.
I know that dogs are very loyal and true to their owners, but that they go that far I never expected this.
And this is really beautiful and touching.

And at the same time I realize how quickly we can have an idea about something and how quickly our convictions give meaning to events.
A beautiful lesson learned that day.
Thank you Joël.

What a wonderful lessons ... I feel very grateful to participate in this cooperation between ET's, people and animals!
~ Jacqueline Fiolet and Joël and the team
~ Healing Centre Beyond Medicine - Extraterrestrial Healing & Communication