Philip Fiolet

Philip Fiolet

It is not easy to explain in words what it feels like to live your life from the perspective of your true Self and your personal mission, this you can only experience and from my deepest sincerity I grant this everyone. And it's his passion, his privilege, to guide people on their path to authenticity and their mission. Philip is a spiritual guy, combining tenderness and strength in bringing the gifts of Universal Wisdom and Knowledge to the Earth and helping out others where possible through healing, teaching and many other ways.

Philip Fiolet

My name is Philip and one of my favorite quotes comes from Byron Katie who says : "there are no mistakes in the Universe”.

When I first heared this quote, it felt very true for me, but still a bit outside myself, outside my reality. I could not completely grasp the fulness of this quote. Since the beginning of 2012, the year in which I got The Reconnection, this quote has become more and more my life lesson and My Truth. It was a sort of starting point of really committing myself to my mission in life and it has been a rollercoaster since then. Event after event, synchronisticly woven together to a sort of training scheme, just to get me in optimal condition to perform in this game we call life. And just like in sportstraining it can be hard and difficult sometimes and just afterwards the meanings and insights become clear. It all teached me (and still does every day) to trust and surrender, to know that I am safe and supported. That I am not alone on this mission.

We all bring in our past experiences from this life and before and just like with most lightworkers, I have a tremendous drive to bring Light to the world in general and specifically through The Reconnection - which is bringing Light and Information onto the planet. This drive has been there for as long as I know, waiting dormantly till the time I would truly wake up. Waiting to stop giving my authority away to others that I deemed more wise and waiting for me to stand up for my own Inner Truth. It is hard work from time to time but if I focussed enough on the essence, I understood ... what else is there to do?

The Reconnection as a turning point

Little did I know in 2012 that with The Reconnection I invited the ExtraTerrestrial friends into my life and slowly they introduced themselves more and more.
Other people could see the Light Entities when I was doing healing sesions and attended me to that, but I could "only" feel them.
For no reason I got very interested in Aliens and shortly after the second book "Solomon Speaks" by Eric Pearl came out and I knew I had to do more with that.

It felt like a part of my history even though the rational parts of my brain were in heavy protest, screaming "are you out of your mind?".
And yes, I was. We can not conceive the Universe and what is happening with the old programs in our minds. And this is probably why I had to become a NLP MasterPractitioner in 2013 first.
One thing I learned here is that one can only rise till the limits of his thoughts and his thoughts are repetitions of what has agreed with to be true.

One can only evolve in consiousness when we have the courage to let go all of what we believe to be true.
As long as we hold on to old believes, no really new wisdom can come in.
This was a struggle but beautifull lesson that I learned through reading books like The Bringers of the Dawn (by Barbara Marciniak) and other Pleiadian messages.
On one hand feeling the truth and on the other hand feeling the resistance. The struggle between dimensions so to speak. Now I know that when this happens, I am on the right track !!
And ever since we have met and work together with Haggai Katz (the man who introduced us to working with these extraterrestrial beings) the jigsaw puzzle is showing more and more of its image and it is unbelievable how the plan evolves day by day.
It is one big adventure.

I would like to end my introduction with the words I started with for it comes from deep within .... "It is not easy to explain in words what it feels like to live your life from the perspective of your true Self and your personal mission, this you can only experience and from my deepest sincerity I grant this everyone."

 I look forward to meeting you ! 

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