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The Reconnection
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Originally our bodies were connected to the magnetic grid lines that encircle the Earth. These lines were designed to connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us to the entire Universe. Over time, we became disconnected from these lines. The Reconnection is a very precise protocol that reactivates several sets of meridians and points of the body's energetic system, reconnecting to this large energy grid of the Universe as well as the electromagnetic ley lines of the Earth itself. 

Originally our bodies were connected to the magnetic grid lines that encircle the Earth. These lines were designed to connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us to the entire Universe. Over time, we became disconnected from these lines.
A Reconnection is a very precise protocol that reactivates several sets of meridians and points of the body's energetic system, reconnecting to this large energy grid of the Universe as well as the electromagnetic ley lines of the Earth itself.
A Reconnection allows free exchange of light and information providing higher vibratory levels and frequencies needed for healing and ultimately, for our spiritual growth (evolution).
We recommend a Reconnection to all who seek to experience a fuller connection with their true identity, their mission here on Earth and the guidance of the Universe.

What we notice with people after they have received the Reconnection, is that they become more centered in themselves (reconnected to their own core), as well as many start channeling information from the higher realms and at the same time start grounding themselves better on this planet.
In the sense that people start walking their life path with passion as if there is no other thing you would like to be doing more then this ... following their highest excitement.
Knowing what they have come for, what feels good for them to do and start doing it.
And of course there is always, always a choice, but the choices become clearer day by day.
People become so aligned with themselves that is has become much harder to fool themselves, because they know better and better who they are and what they are here for.


The electromagnetic vibration frequencies of humans on earth vibrate on average at 50 kHz (kHz = 1000 cycles per second), although this fluctuates naturally from moment to moment.
People who are seriously engaged in their development of consciousness usually vibrate higher at an average of about 80 - 160 thousand cycles per second and those who are fully connected to their Higher Self vibrate at an average of 160 - 200 thousand or more cycles per second.
According to Bashar, most participants during an event with him have a vibration around 150 kHz and the Buddha and Jesus had a vibration frequency of about 300 thousand cycles per second!

There are in this context two 'thresholds' very interesting ... the first is the 200 kHz limit and the second is the 333 kHz limit.
The threshold for the transition to the 4th density is "above the 200 kHz range" and the exact threshold for the transition to the non-physical realities (5th density) is exactly 333 kHz.

The frequency of Buddha and Jesus was therefore just low enough to remain in a physical reality and high enough to transcend its limitations and were thus the ultimate channels for spending light and information from the non-physical worlds.

What is also very fascinating is that the level of our consciousness just between the non-physical (where our Higher Self is located) and the physical levels, that this layer of our consciousness is called 'the template level' or 'the blueprint level'. (More on The Nine Levels of Consciousness)
This is the level at which we shape for ourselves the plan for our current physical incarnation.
And this part of our consciousness is just between the physical and non-physical world, in other words the frequency of our template / blueprint is around 333 kHz.

And this is why the Reconnection is a perfect tool to align yourself on the chosen path for this incarnation.
The Reconnection reconnects us with our blueprint, our cosmic connections (and family) and also with the energetic grid of the planet of our choice, the Earth.

It is no coincidence that 333 is not only the number, the frequency of the Reconnection, but also the Master Number of our human collective consciousness (Christ Consciouness) and at the same time a kind of 'phone number' to make contact with hybrid children aboard their ships waiting for the right moment to make open contact.

The number 333 is also the number of 'safe havens' that are already being prepared on our planet for the first 'Open Contact' with extraterrestrial civilizations.
And 'coincidentally' also the number of 'Precursors' (extraterrestrial preparers for open contact) that have been walking around on Earth for a number of decades preparing people for this open contact by means of encounters.

The Reconnection really connects you on many levels.
It reconnects you with your own blueprint, it reconnects you with your Higher Self, it reconnects you with your star family and it reconnects you with the New Earth Grid.
Many people feel the desire to contribute to building a New Earth based on pure qualities, together with like-minded people and are starting to do so.
Many people report a rapid development in different areas of their lives and an acceleration in their path of life after a Reconnection. It's amazing, every time.

During this process, which we call 'Reconnection', a qualified practitioner activates new lines, so that the exchange of light and information from other dimensions can start again.
This Reconnection takes place in two separate sessions, usually on consecutive days. This is a very precise protocol that activates different sets of meridians and energy points in the body's axial/meridian system.
We feel that these sessions are sacred moments. As if we could support someone in their rebirth.


The origin of 'Reconnection' lies with Dr. Eric Pearl, through whom this work is being introduced to the world. He received his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, and headed one of the largest chiropractic centers in the L.A. area—a practice he ran for 12 years. 

 In August 1993, Dr. Pearl discovered he had been blessed with an unusual gift when he suddenly became a healing vehicle of a different kind: a conduit through which healing energy flows.
His patients began seeing entities, hearing voices, and reporting miraculous healings from numerous conditions.

In both informal and clinical settings, patients and physicians have witnessed the results of these healings that occur through Dr. Pearl, simply by holding his hands near them.

During the first year of his discovery, many of Dr. Eric Pearl's patients, none of whom knew each other, exhibited some very unusual behavior on his chiropractic table. "Their heads flew back, their eyes rolled upward, their tongues began to move, air audibly began to escape from their mouths... and what did they say?"

They all repeated the same six phrases:

1. We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing.

2. What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet.

3. What you are doing is reconnecting strands.

4. What you are doing is reconnecting strings.

5. You must know that you are a master.

6. We have come because of your reputation.


Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing

Who are the "we" that spoke through more than 50 of Dr. Eric Pearl's patients?
What is meant by 'the Universe', for the Universe is teeming with life and intelligence, but it does not have a Mind of it's own?

Dr. Pearl has begun to share that information in books, presentations, the interviews, training seminars and in his second book “Solomon Speaks” it becomes clear this protocol of Reconnection is from ExtraTerrestrial origin as well and that these light entities are coming from the Pleiades (Pleiadian Starfamily).
Up till this day this is not explicitly mentioned during the trainings and the seminars.
There are many references made and emphasized, but nothing is mentioned explicitly about the origin (yet).

Interesting and exciting is that we also feel and see the presence of light-beings during a Reconnection session and these beings are different than those we know from the ET-Healing. During a Reconnection there is clearly another team present and at work.
Philip experiences most of the times 3 light beings, one of which seems to come through his body and actually turn on his hands. A medium once 'saw' him working and confirmed this even though she did not know what we were doing.

Today Dr. Eric Pearl continues to focus on his training seminars. His gift of being the conduit for The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing is regularly reported to help people with a wide variety of serious diseases including malignant tumors, AIDS-related diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, birth disfigurements and bone deformities. 
His work has elicited a tremendous amount of interest from scientific researchers and doctors worldwide.
He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and his work has been documented in several books and movies.

Dr. Pearl tours and teaches across the globe, activating people's innate abilities, graduating thousands of practitioners who then successfully facilitate these healings in their own right.


Both Jacqueline and Philip completed their training as 'Reconnection' practitioners and since their certification in 2012 they provided a Reconnection for way over a hundred people during wonderfull sessions and more often than not resulting in unimaginable beautiful transformations.
Nevertheless the organisation of Reconnection LLC has decided on June 2nd 2017 without consultation to terminate our certificate because of our work in ET-Healing.
The organization applies strict rules and one of these is that any other form of "energy healing" other than Reconnection / Reconnective Healing is not permitted in one practice.
With these rules, the organization tries to keep its name "pure" by excluding any connection with any other form of healing.

As we see it, the invalidation of our certificate has nothing to do with the energetic work we do.
Activating and connecting points and lines does not change in any way.
The Reconnection is still done in exactly the same way by any trained practitioner on this planet.

What it does mean is that if you choose to come to our practice for a Reconnection, we will no longer be able to register you with the Reconnection LLC organization because no more signups are accepted from us.
If you ever want to subscribe to a Reconnective Healing Practitioner course, registration of your Reconnection is one of the conditions and yours is not registered.

Furthermore, we will not use the full trademarks / trade names, we will simply call it Reconnection, a Reconnection or your Reconnection.
We regret that the organization of Reconnection has made this choice as we have always highly respected the work as well as the organisation and we have always seen and kept Reconnection-work separate from our other work as ET-Healer.
We have always kept our clients informed about the differences. Mixing has never been the case as far as we see it.
We also clearly recognize other teams during the work of the Reconnection. Energetically, in our view, there is no mixing as well, although we can imagine the organizations' concern about this.

All in all, we have decided to keep the protocol of Reconnection in our pallet of services because we know it's a unique and wonderful way for people who want to assist their transformation.
Anyone who wants to make use of this opportunity is still welcome to our practice for a Reconnection, but we will not be able to register anymore with the Reconnection organization.
And because it is such a special number, we are happy to comply with the globally agreed price of 333 (euro in Europe).

Even if you choose to do a Reconnection somewhere else because of the above information, we are happy for you!
We know from personal experience as well as from the far more then hundred people we have served so far, that a Reconnection is a beautiful gift for humanity including yourself.

Much Love