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13. 12. 05
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Are you interested in contact with extraterrestrial beings and would you like to prepare yourself for the open contact?
Together with a group of like-minded people?
And to understand more why extraterrestrial civilizations visit us and how we can get in touch with each other?
And what it's like to experience contact yourself, for example to be able to feel extraterrestrial beings very close to us or maybe even to see them?


Are you interested in contact with extraterrestrials and would you like to prepare yourself for the open contact?
Together with a group of like-minded people?
And to understand more why extraterrestrial civilizations visit us and how we can get in touch with each other?
And what it's like to experience contact yourself, for example to be able to feel extraterrestrial beings very close to us or maybe even to see them?

The ET-Contact Experience | CE-5 evenings are super fun, educational and above all 'excited' evenings in which every month with a fairly fixed group of 10 people we prepare ourselves through energetic activations for open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and invite them with a collective intention in our physical reality.
Because it is so important that the invitation has a strong coherent frequency, we will start these evenings in 2019 with a smaller fixed group and in a later stage let the group slowly grow to about 25 participants.
The larger the group, the stronger the signal can be, but it is important that the message of the group remains coherent.

At the moment we don't organize any physical CE5 evenings as a result of the workload in our practice and the constant uncertainty regarding the measures (the extra work on cancellations and arrangements).
Hopefully we will start again in the spring.

If you would like to be kept informed about the start of these events, please share your name with us.
We will put your name on our list and inform you as soon as we start again !

We also invite you to take a look at our online community Human-ET One.
A place where like-minded people meet online in a library full of information about extraterrestrial contact.


CE-5 stands for 'Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind', which means that it is possible for us 'people' to initiate encounters with loving extraterrestrial life forms in any form whatsoever. It is what we call human initiated contact by interacting with a loving intention.
The term CE-5 was introduced by Dr. Steven Greer. He is the founder of the CSETI project and is the world's most renowned researcher in the field of extraterrestrial life.

At Beyond Medicine we have been doing this since our start in 2014 during the Stargate Experiences and so far this contact has mainly taken place through the non-physical reality. In other words, information comes through telepathic contact and their presence is especially palpable in space due to energy changes. People who are sufficiently 'clear' can also see their presence in the form of light bodies or other appearances.

More than a year ago, we were given strong impulses from our guides to prepare us for the next step in our contact.
CE-5 was continuously coming along and although we were familiar with it, it didn't feel quite like our thing at the time. And yet it kept coming back. Now the time has come.
We are going to prepare for Open Contact, contact in our physical reality.

The road to Open Contact is a process; there are only a few people at this moment (including ourselves) who are capable of a full Open Contact, Face-to-Face.
And they know that too, which is why the contacts at this moment happen as they do, through our dream state, our meditation state and communication through our Higher Self.
At the same time, we are invited, if we so wish, to prepare ourselves for the more physical contact (Close Encounter means 'meeting up close').
And because the first time is always a special moment, that milestone is also called the moment of 'First Contact'.


During the evenings we will of course be accompanied by our own guides and we will open the evenings with a coordination with Joël (ET-guide of Sirius) who, via Jacqueline, always passes on wonderful messages and together with our teams creates a beautiful (and powerful) energy field.

Then there will be an opportunity to share contact experiences with each other and every month there will be room to discuss a theme around 'Open Contact' / 'First Contact' with each other or to ask our guides via Q&A.

These themes always serve to prepare for the contact and can for example be about :

  • Which civilizations would like to get in touch at the moment?
  • How do you recognize these civilizations
  • Alien languages, codes and communication
  • Protocols they follow in the open contact with us ('why don't they just land...')
  • Activities that they themselves propose to us in preparation for the open contact
  • (e.g. material/exercises from Bashar's workshops that are specifically about preparing ourselves)

And just like in our film events you will notice that during this Q&A / preparation they are already there in energetic form.
You can feel their presence and their movements in the area.
And almost imperceptibly we enter other dimensions ... In fact, this is the first part of the evening's preparation.

Depending on the weather, we then go outside (if we weren't already) for the 'Night Watch'.
If the weather is too bad and we prefer to stay inside ... Also fine!
Anyway it will be dark by this time.

The 'Night Watch' will be introduced with a Stargate Meditation, a wonderful exploration of your multidimensional self and energetic activations.
A Stargate Experience is a journey to higher dimensions with which you are already naturally connected, regardless of whether you are aware of this.
While working with the Stargate you get there effortlessly and making contact with loving beings and extraterrestrials has become much easier and a beautiful homogeneous energy field is created in which together the intention for open contact can be done.

It is important to know that these evenings are not necessarily about observing spaceships or UFO , but about preparing ourselves for Open Contact, without any expectation of the way in which this will take place for us. Although this could just mean that a spacecraft shows up, but it can really happen in many forms.
The beings present can also, for example, compact their energy and in this way become perceptible to us as a visible light phenomenon.

This contact is a process, a process within ourselves first of all, of freeing ourselves from expectations and especially fears.
It is not for nothing that the contact initially takes place via the metaphysical realities.

Our extraterrestrial guides always indicate that they can only really get in touch with us in other ways that are pleasant and serving both parties if we are able to be in contact with ourselves first. Paradoxically, the contact with extraterrestrial beings happens through the way within.
More about this in our blog Meeting Us Halfway

We conclude the evening with what we can best describe as a channeling with one of our ET Guides.
Our guides always have great messages for the group.
And also important to know ... Nothing is cast in concrete with us (and our friends) ... we go with the flow.


When we do CE-5 work, the extraterrestrials actively look for people who are developed enough in consciousness to be able to function in a unified, coherent fashion.
They avoid contentious attitudes and behaviors, and will even end an emerging contact when group coherence is lost.
They have watched us fight for thousands of years and have no interest in such behavior.
They are quite interested in human beings who work together in Universal consciousness.
That is a key requirement for contact.

~ Dr. Steven Greer


1. Make this ET Contact any time, anywhere that is convenient, comfortable and safe for you.

2. Choose the place and the people you believe are compatible, respectful, and enthusiastic about this coordinated effort.
If you have an attitude of fear, deep skepticism, hostility, close-mindedness … chances are you will likely fail at making contact.
Bring your goodwill, love, joy and openness to the experience.
The Star People will detect your noble positive vibrations.

3. Include whatever energetic 'protection' you desire if you believe you need that.
Link heart-to-heart with members in your group. Circulate the love energy.

4. Visualize a magnetic sphere of light and love at the center of your circle with each of your hearts connected to it.
Project this column of love energy high up into the sky as a brilliant vibrant beacon to our Star Friends.

5. When you go into meditation, in your imagination link up heart-to-heart with all of the other "Global CE-5 ET Contact" groups who are all over the planet.
With love also include our Star Friends as you invite them and guide them to your location.
You can guide them by projecting your consciousness out to them and visualizing how to travel from the location of our sun in our solar system to our Earth.
As you approach it in your imagination, zoom in closer and closer to your specific location on the surface.
Show them the images of where to find you!

6. Mentally and with your heart, ASK our ET friends what you and we can do in cooperation with them to bring about a healing for our planet Earth.
Invite them to take more of a part in our Human affairs, recognizing that it is nonetheless Humanity’s responsibility to solve its problems.

7. Remember that ET Contact can come in many forms.
It may be a sighting of a Star Craft, a lucid dream, a telepathic message, a touch on the shoulder or knee, weird electrical phenomenon with communication devices or lights and so much more.
Our Star Friends are very creative and will only communicate when it is safe for them and you.


The location for the ET-Contact Experience | CE-5 evenings is de Schaapshoeve in Langenboom.
This place has a beautiful, consecrated stone circle that works as a portal and with which we have good experiences when it comes to contact with other dimensions.
In addition, this stone circle is located on its own property and it is allowed to stay as a group in this natural environment after sunset and without the process being disturbed by passers-by.
In addition, the Schaapshoeve has a beautiful building in which we can carry out preparatory activities and we can move to in case of bad weather conditions.
In this way, this evening will always take place ... Weather or no weather!
The address details are :

de Schaapshoeve
Schaapsdijkweg 20
5453 SE Langenboom


The evening starts at 19.30 hrs and somewhere around 23.30 hrs we finish together.
There are a maximum of 20 places for participants.

The entrance fee will be 17,50 euro, incl. coffee and tea.

Bring a sleeping bag, blanket or mat, so you can lie down during the Stargate Meditation / Night Watch.

The evening will be hosted by Jacqueline and Philip (Healing Centre Beyond Medicine) and you can sign up in advance via the email Sign up ET-Contact Experience | CE-5.

This is a worldwide CE-5 | Peoples Disclosure movement

Are you excited ?
Come and join us in the Netherlands !

Upcoming dates the CE-5

Please take a look at our CE-5 event calender
The dates are chosen as much as possible on a Friday evening just before/after a new moon.