Manon van den Boorn

Manon van den Boorn

Manon is a highly experienced coach and healer, starting more than a decade ago with courses on intuitive development she later became NLP Master Practitioner and internationaly certified NLP Trainer after which she discovered her stunning healing abilities and is now also working with an ExtraTerrestrial Medical Team.

Some people are doing similar things for a very long time in more or less the same way and become very experienced and professional in their line of work. People like Manon has not only become experienced this way as well as going through all she has learned (and is teaching others) in her personal life. Some people would call it the School of Hard Knocks, but not Manon. She can see the Light in the darkest days even as that takes a lot of courage, trust and determination. She will move through it, surrendering completely to the process. There are not so many like her.

Since her early years she has been passionated by health and the process of healing.  After her graduation in the field of Healt Sciences at the University of Maastricht she has worked for many years for the Dutch Astma Foundation where she was responsible for training and publications. Although she was trained to think in the regular medical way, she developped a very strong interest for health and healing in a holistic way. Finally it became impossible to continue doing the work in the field she was in and resigned this job.

She had a major spiritual breakthrough in her life in Toledo (Spain) during an intensive retraite where she trained a group for NLP-Practitioner. As with many people experiencing such an awakening, life will never be the same. Manon knew her destination for the first time in her life, felt it in every cell of her body and is unstoppable ever since.

The first idea's of bundling our activities and qualities arose when Manon was training Philip and Jacqueline for NLP Practitioner. From the first moment it was clear the three us resonated on the same frequencies and became dear friends. Directly after the certification we started working together by doing workshops, healing sessions and other activities. 

Manon was already very familiar with energy healing, reading and coaching when she went for a healing session to Haggai Katz, the man from Israel who brought healing with ExtraTerrestrial Medical Teams to the Netherlands. Haggai - or actually the ET's - noted immediately her abilities to work with the ET's and asked if she wanted to. It took her at least 5 seconds to respond positively on that. And it took so long because her mind couldn't believe it and had to be calmed down first.

Now this might sound strange or overstated, but mind you, no one knows how much your realitiy can shift in these moments of contact with the ExtraTerrestrials until you have been there. Manon was introduced to her ET-Guide Chantal and is working intensively with her and the ExtraTerrestrial Medical Team doing healing sessions and workshops.

One of the most special abilities that make Manon the wonderful healer and friend she is, is her abillity to connect deeply to the Soul of others and to share unconditional Love to the people she meets. She has a natural talent to connect to people. Sometimes people can be very closed due to the hurting and pains they have been enduring and it is a miracle how Manon does it, but she is able to help these people to open up again and participate in life again.

Once you connect to Manon, she is in your Heart for ever !

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