Double Ankh Pendant

Double Ankh Pendant

The Ankh, the most famous symbol of ancient Egypt as well the most mysterious. The Ankh is found all over the centuries-old walls and temples in Egypt, but there has never been a physical Ankh found or excavated.

The Ankh is part of a trinity; The Ankh, the Djed and the Was (Sceptre).
A lot of information can be found on the internet about the Ankh and its meaning, but little can be found about its true purpose of this remarkable and powerful object.

As probably well known, the Ankh is the symbol of eternal life. But what is less commonly known is the Ankh is the key to the resurrection-process and ascension. 
Osiris is one of the “Gods” who went through the resurrection-process. He was murdered by his jealous brother Seth.
Isis, Osiris’ wife, initiated the resurrection-process by (among others) placing an Ankh on his heart.
This made it possible for the soul to return with all memories intact including the ones of the higher mind and soul, back in the body.
Right after this process the 'Was' (the scepter) was used to anchor the soul in the body and dimension.

The process is unpleasant, but allows enormous growth possibilities for the soul.
This is the same process Jesus (Jeshua) went through a few thousand years later.

Pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenophis IV) used the Ankh and the halls of Amenti to perform the ascension process (enlightenment) on people whose genetic code has been adequately developed.
But the knowledge of the Ankh and the Ankh itself are way much older than era of ancient Egypt. The Ankh was already used for these purposes in the era of Lemuria and Atlantis.
The Ankh, Was and Djed are no longer physically in our dimension and have therefor never been found or excavated. Only when we’re collectively ready for it, these extremely powerful tools and knowledge how to use them will be made available for mankind once again.

This powerful design consists of a double Ankh combined with the Djed and Heqa.
The Djed symbolizes the Creator God Ptah, to remind us of our own creation power. The Heqa symbolizes for guiding humanity.
The combination of this symbolism creates a powerful tool.

Sebastiaan Fiolet
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A Few More Words About Sebastiaan

I often got asked; why jewelry? Are you a goldsmith?
And I always answer : "Nope, I’m not a goldsmith, but a designer who knows what he does combined with a passion for Sacred Geometry."

So, let me introduce myself:



(Product) Designer
High Sensitive Person
Great sense of humor
Often thinks about food
Is in contact with Extraterrestrials
Sacred Geometry
Consciousness and awareness
3D modelled jewelry
All big companies started small


Why jewelry?
“I didn’t choose this career. It chose me.” is the most obvious (and cheesy) answer, but my story won’t be boring. Promised.

During my studentship I loved (and I still do) 3D modelling.
When I learned about the existence of 3D printers an entire world of possibilities opened up for me, but jewelry wasn’t one of the possibilities I thought of.

It was the crop circle vacation trip in 2014 with Janet Ossebaard and Coen Vermeeren that changed my life (plot twist).
After this spectacular journey I got asked to design and 3D print crop circle jewelry.

And I liked it! I liked it so much, I started my own business in it.
So I’m really not a goldsmith, but a designer who knows what he does and loves Sacred Geometry.

Our mission, or how we like to call it; ambition. Is to assist people on their spiritual path and to serve higher dimensional (extraterrestrial) beings, with our sacred geometric products.
We design and create unique sacred geometric products, in the form of jewelry, healing tools, art and more.
Our instruments make a bridge between dimensions through sacred geometry.
Through this bridge, it becomes easier for higher dimensional beings and your higher self to make contact with you.
So their energies and answers can flow into our dimension.

Any questions? Let’s hear it!
If you have any questions about me, my products or my business, please just ask me.

And feel free to visit my website Sacred Creation or email me directly on 
Looking forward to hear from you !