Interdimensional Artwork

Waddjina CloudSpirits in Australia
Last Updated: 05 April 2022
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As long as humans have been alive, we have looked for ways to communicate with each other and leave our marks for future generations to know that we were here, what we accomplished and how things used to be. 
The oldest form of this 'recording' is the artistic image. Even before the written language was invented, humans were drawing images of what they saw.

And as a part of this historic heritage, there are many fascinating examples of ancient art, that capture images of what can only be explained as ancient aliens and their appearance on our Planet through 'UFO' sightings.
These cave drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures are real ... they are all actual works of art that still exist in museums, cathedrals or authenticated caves. 
We assume these early people had no modern-day technological understanding of what they saw, but still they used the natural world around them to image what they encountered. 

These ancient works point toward the inescapable truth that we have been visited many times by extraterrestrial beings for a very, very long time. 
As we know begin to understand - or shall we say, dare to admit - these contacts between humans and being from outer space have been there from the very beginning and are still happening each day, more and more people are opening up to this fact, each on his/her own individual way.

What we notice many times, is that when people come into contact with these otherworldly spiritual evolved beings they automatically start resonating in higher frequencies as themselves, resulting in healing of physical ailments as well as mental/emotional issues, but people also tend to reclaim their innate creative qualities.
People 'become' very inspirational speakers, writers, singers, dancers, actors or painters and allowing themselves to follow their highest excitement. A process in which they start sharing their gifts to the world just because it is fun.
We are all born creative, but most people are very good in hiding these qualities. It is not that the aliens learn us to be creative ... the only thing they learn us is to be ourselves and to dare showing ourselves to the world.

In our practice we have had the privilege of helping a number of wonderful talented people and it is truly an honor to present one of them, Wieteke Koolhof - one of the first participants in the ET-Healing Practitioner Program.

We wish you a very pleasant experience in watching these pieces of Art.
Please take a moment for each piece for there are multiple layers in each one of them that will only unveil in time. It is like energy building up and feel what happens in your system. Just noticing, no labeling, explaining, changing, controlling ... just noticing ... be aware.

Have fun !!!



Wieteke started having contact with other dimensional beings at an early age (3).
An amazing life-journey finally brought her into conscious contact with multidimensional personal guides from the Pleiades and other Interstellar constellations and since then they’ve been working together.

Through Wieteke, her Pleiadian guide functions as a gateway to information from the Universe, parallel lives, the Higher Selves of clients and information coming from the ET-medical team assisting (when requested) in private sessions.
Wieteke works from Amsterdam as a life-coach/artist and energy-worker from a practice called Design4awareness.




Early in life I became aware of my own reality and the strong contrast with the outside world. It was difficult to process impressions, to meet expectations of my surroundings, and at the same time to preserve my individuality. My creativity has always helped me to stay true to myself as much as possible. Over the years, in addition to my role as a wife, mother, nurse, and later as a nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I have developed in a creative way.

Especially in sculpting, painting and drawing. My conscious connection with the cosmos became stronger and this is how my drawings came into being. In my drawings, based on Sacred Geometry, earth and universe come together.
They are gateways to the unseen ...


Sebastiaan Fiolet


I often got asked; why jewelry? Are you a goldsmith?
And I always answer : "Nope, I’m not a goldsmith, but a designer who knows what he does combined with a passion for Sacred Geometry."

Why jewelry?
“I didn’t choose this career. It chose me.” is the most obvious (and cheesy) answer, but my story won’t be boring. Promised.
It was the crop circle vacation trip in 2014 with Janet Ossebaard and Coen Vermeeren that completely changed my life ...