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Integrating Galactic Heritage (Excerpt from #73) / / ©1990, 2012 by Lyssa Royal Holt
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Integrating Galactic Heritage
July 8, 1990 – Sedona, Arizona (Excerpt from Session #73)
Germane and Sasha Channeled by Lyssa Royal
Note: this is an excerpt that focuses specifically on the Zeta Reticuli species.
Germane: All the other races we've mentioned to you, we've somewhat shared with you an
integration or an orientation that comes from their past. Most of you who are familiar with the
Zeta Reticuli know that they come to you more from the future.
Emotional integration for the Zeta Reticuli will be quite obvious. Most of you are quite aware
that they do not have emotional bodies--or, they do not let their emotional bodies speak. Part of
what they are doing in the “abduction” experiences with you is allowing themselves to learn
about emotionality. They are already in the process of initiating emotional integration.
For mental integration for the Zeta Reticuli, they are highly, highly mental. So the challenge for
them is to integrate emotionality into the mentality. This is the hardest thing for them to do. This
is their challenge. They must watch you in order to do this, because they don't have another
model that they feel comfortable with to view. You are it. As you begin as a race, as a culture,
integrating your mentality and emotionality, the Zetas learn quite a lot from you. That is how
they will achieve mental integration.
Physical integration goes right back to the idea of genetic experiments in creating hybrids. All of
you are aware that the Zeta Reticuli are creating hybrid races from the mixing of the genetics
between themselves and the Earth human. So they are already instigating the integration
between their race and the human race. The human race represents genetics from all the galactic
family. So instead of going about and taking a little bit from each group, they come here and take
it from you. They can get all the genetics in one place. That is their present state of integration
The spiritual integration of the Zeta Reticuli will occur through their allowance of their
movement into fifth density [nonphysicality]. For many, many generations they have kept
themselves in fourth density (which is still physical) but they are barely, barely physical. They
have not been willing to allow themselves the natural movement into fifth density and therefore
to an evolutionary leap in their own spirituality. When they perceive they've gotten what they
need in terms of genetics, when they have created a hybrid race that can self-perpetuate, they
will then allow themselves to let go and move into nonphysicality within fifth density.
People are now, in this time frame, beginning to remember abduction experiences. They are
remembering them from as far back as the 1950s. Back then, you were not, as a mass
consciousness, working on uncovering or the releasing of negative emotions. Now you are. So
now you are uncovering not only abduction experiences, but sexual molestation, child abuse, etc.
It is coming up now because you have the support of the mass consciousness. Everyone is
dealing with it on their own level. You will support each other as a planet.
Integrating Galactic Heritage (Excerpt from #73) / / ©1990, 2012 by Lyssa Royal Holt
All Rights Reserved. May be copied and distributed freely as long as the source and web site are attributed and there are no changes
to the original text.
The challenge on your planet in terms of physical integration is to go beyond the prejudices of
skin color and religion so that the genetics will begin unifying. We are not necessarily talking
about all of you looking alike, like the Zetas. That is taking it to an extreme. What we are talking
about is simply on an energetic level there being a willingness (no fear, no resistance--just a
willingness) to integrate your genetics on your planet. As long as the barriers are gone and you
are willing to do this you will not necessarily have to carry it out physically. That willingness
will be enough to heal over the resistances you've had in the past.
The Zeta Reticuli are genetically engineering the hybrids and they are using our physical females for their
incubators. Are they doing it on an etheric level? Is it really a physical level?
It depends on the specific Zeta group, and the specific desire of that group. It is actually
occurring on a physical level for some. Approximately between three and four months of
gestation is when the fetus is removed. Those of you who do a lot of reading on this will note
that there are some testimonies given from doctors where one day a woman is pregnant, and the
next day she isn't--and she has not had a miscarriage.
Do they take the fetus by surgery?
There are several ways. One is like what you would consider to be psychic surgery. This is a
change in the molecular level of the vibrating cells of the human body so that they may actually
pass their hands or instruments through the skin without breaking the skin and remove the
fetus. They then will close up with no scars left behind.
A few individuals have had scars left behind. It depends on the group. Usually the scars are
around the navel.
Since our women are being used, how do human males play a part in this?
First of all, there are many different genetic experiments being done by many different groups.
In terms of the Zetas overall, the sperm is used for study. For some of the less technologically
advanced ET groups, they will receive the sperm in the way you normally would on the Earth
plane. Sometimes this is achieved through the rubbing of a substance on the body of the male to
achieve a sexual arousal. Then the collection of the sample is taken. That is for some of the less
technologically advanced races.
For some of the more technologically advanced races who represent the higher vibrational Zetas,
the samples are taken etherically--somewhat in a similar way through the idea of psychic
surgery. They have the ability to pass their hands within your body and take anything they wish.
It is a way for them to collect the samples without trauma--at least as little as possible.
Sometimes if you have memory in the dreamstate of having interactions with the Zetas, just
because it was not physical does not mean it didn't happen. It doesn't mean it wasn't real. It is
just that their capabilities are such that they can interact with you. They can get what they need
without dragging you out into the ship to get it. Other groups do it that way.
Integrating Galactic Heritage (Excerpt from #73) / / ©1990, 2012 by Lyssa Royal Holt
All Rights Reserved. May be copied and distributed freely as long as the source and web site are attributed and there are no changes
to the original text.
Why is this going on? Has this been going on for thousands of years?
Linearly on your planet, you see that it has been going on for a long time. In terms of the
origination point of the choices of these races to do this, it came from basically a span of one
hundred years outside of your own time line the decisions were made to do this. So therefore
from “out there” they have allowed themselves to interact all along your time line. This gives
you the perception that they have been doing it for this long period of time. From their point of
view they haven't. They have just come in to different parts of your time line.
They talk about similar things in the bible. I feel we go in cycles. What is beyond this?
We are not just talking about the idea that they have been interacting with you since the 1940s.
We are talking about thousands of years that this has been going on.
Are you saying that all of these different time lines are coming together now?
Yes, because the peak of the experiments has to take place when your planet begins reaching a
certain vibrational frequency. Right now you are doing this. The Zetas, in terms of their history,
nearly destroyed themselves. What they are doing is attempting to learn from their own
mistakes by watching you, and also try to assist you in any way they can to not make the same
mistakes that they did. So this period of time right now when you have developed atomic
capabilities is the peak time where you can go in a direction of destruction. This is the time now
that they are interested in your genetics, more so than thousands of years ago. [Germane
Sasha: Greetings. I am allowed to talk a little bit about one of the other genetic experiments that
is going on, but it is focused from the future and going into the past of your planet. This we call
the Zeta-Pleiadian Alliance. We have alluded to this for the past few years but have never really
delved in detail into what it is. For now we will give you an idea of what it is.
When we say Zeta-Pleiadian Alliance, it is the final touches of the genetic experiment on Earth.
The Pleiadians spoken of are not from my time. They are from my future. The Zeta Reticuli
spoken of are also from a very distant time, right before they transition into fifth density.
The Zeta-Pleiadian Alliance is putting the finishing touches on the genetic experiments on Earth
by coming back through time into the time when civilization was forming on your planet, and
attempting to create what you call the Asian races. The Caucasian races, the African races, the
Semitic races are all basically all Lyran/Sirian genetics. However the Asian races have a little bit
more of something else thrown in. That little bit more is a higher level of both Zeta and Pleiadian
This is very difficult to describe because of the loops in time that are encountered with this
specific experiment, however it is already known to be a success. The genetic base of the Asian
races is the precursor to the civilization that some of you know of as Essassani--which is one of
Integrating Galactic Heritage (Excerpt from #73) / / ©1990, 2012 by Lyssa Royal Holt
All Rights Reserved. May be copied and distributed freely as long as the source and web site are attributed and there are no changes
to the original text.
the hybrid races that becomes a success (a cross between the Earth human and the Zeta Reticuli).
So all we can say at this time is that the genetic experimenters (the ones who are doing the
genetic work on your planet) come from many points on the time line and they can go to any
point on your time line.We understand this is confusing. Are there questions on this?
Ultimately, what is trying to be gained through all of this from the genetic work?
The creation of a race that will be integrated on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
levels. It is understood that personal growth work will bring about the integration on the levels
of the emotional, mental, and spiritual. But the physical level might need to be a little bit more
worked on--it may actually need to be some type of physical manifestation. Those who are doing
the experimentation are taking that into account.
There is also the desire to create a race that is a step down from the Founders which will be the
base race or the evolutionary leaping point that all other races will go into. Evolution, in terms of
your galactic family, is seen as a loop. The Founders fragmented and came outward and got to
the far end of the loop. That was the farthest point of separation and fragmentation. Then the
energy, the consciousness, the physicality, the genetics, starts coming back together. As it takes
on the other side of the loop, more integration occurs. It is that portion of the loop that will see
the forming of a humanoid race that becomes the integrated version of all of the evolutionary
journeys of the different galactic families.
How does this relate to individual physicality?
If one says, “I do not wish to be abducted anymore. I do not wish to be a part of this,” that
statement is a statement from separation rather than integration. We mean this in the sense that
you are allowing the ego to speak, to dictate the entire reality of the all levels of being.
When one understands that if something is happening to you already then obviously you have
agreed to it, that is the point at which you can work from. The challenge there becomes learning
to know that your will is aligned with the Divine Will. Therefore every action, choice that you as
a complete being makes will be an action that is aligned to the Divine Will and there will be no
question as to what you want and what your soul wants as being two different things. There will
be a recognition and a knowingness of your own flow to the point where you will not question.
But when that totalness, all the levels of yourself chooses something, you can go in that direction.
You are not bound.
The resolution of this is not comforting to humans. It means that you let go of the control of your
life--in the sense of forcing control instead of moving with the flow.
So the ultimate purpose of human beings is integration?
Integrating Galactic Heritage (Excerpt from #73) / / ©1990, 2012 by Lyssa Royal Holt
All Rights Reserved. May be copied and distributed freely as long as the source and web site are attributed and there are no changes
to the original text.
You said they are trying to produce a race from the humans that is a super race? You are speaking about
the base race for the future?
Yes. The race of integration. In terms of the drama that you've all played out in many lifetimes in
many systems, the human race on Earth is beginning to be the combination of all those genetics,
and the mental, emotional, and spiritual integration that you've all been wishing to create. That
is why you are looked at as being the best "chance" of becoming the super race. Because you've
already got a great head start.
The genetic projects by the Zetas seems to me to be like rape. There is no conscious free will choice in the
moment. It is violation of boundaries. Abuse.
Yes. However understand that many of the individuals who choose experiences like abduction
or rape need to learn something from the experience. The individuals on your planet who have
successfully experienced that and not allowed it to ruin their lives are the ones that are teaching
others to change the patterns of victimization.
Groups who shift awareness allow an individual who is violated to develop a sense of
empowerment and spread that sense of empowerment to others. Instead of looking at the event
that occurred and the tragedy, if you look at the potential for change, the potential for growth
(not only for the individual but as it spreads exponentially on a planetary scale) then what you
are dealing with is a massive evolutionary step from one of powerlessness to one of
We understand that the way it looks from the point of view you have chosen on your planet is
that violation is a terrible thing and should not be here. But there are other lessons to be learned
from it, and the choice is to learn the lessons and evolve, or not learn and perpetuate the cycle of
We certain applaud your courage as a species for manifesting these things. This is something our
race never did--not that you have to do this in order to grow. But one of the beliefs of your
species is that your growth comes through hard work and sometimes suffering.
The point of all of it is to come to a point of personal empowerment where you as souls no
longer need to create these types of circumstances. When there are no more victims, there can be
no more perpetrators. We cannot stop looking at it from that perspective. You will always
attract to you that which you need to experience to compliment your belief system. If you believe
you are a victim, there must be a perpetrator out there.
In terms of the overall purpose, this is why this occurs. It is an evolutionary step--not that it has
to be taken this way, but this is the way you have chosen it.
Could it be that we also want to move through our lessons faster?
Yes. In terms of evolution, your planet is moving quite rapidly. Having studied many cultures as
Integrating Galactic Heritage (Excerpt from #73) / / ©1990, 2012 by Lyssa Royal Holt
All Rights Reserved. May be copied and distributed freely as long as the source and web site are attributed and there are no changes
to the original text.
a sociologist, your race is moving through your milestones at a breakneck speed. I have studied
races personally who have taken two and three times as long as you have to reach the level you
are at now. The rate at which you will learn your lessons is also a choice on the part of your mass
consciousness of which you as individuals are a part. K
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