Library for Human-ET Search

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Cover of Annunaki


those from heaven who came to earth

No cover Arcturus


the Gate Keepers

Cover of Blueprint for Change

Blueprint for Change

A Message from Our Future

Edited by Bashar
Year: 1990
No cover Dimensions and Density

Dimensions and Density

No cover Essassani


Sassani Hybrid Civilization

No cover Grey Federation

Grey Federation

The parallel Earth that destroyed itself

Cover of Opening to Channel

Opening to Channel

How to Connect with Your Guide

Year: 1993
No cover Orion


No cover Pleaides


the Seven Sisters

Cover of Quest for Truth

Quest for Truth

100 Insights That Could Change Your Life

Edited by Bashar
Year: 1997
Cover of Shards of a Shattered Mirror

Shards of a Shattered Mirror


Edited by Bashar
Year: 2017
No cover Sirius


Cover of The Interstellar Enneagram

The Interstellar Enneagram

Civilizations connected to Earth's Existence

Edited by Bashar
Year: 2014
Cover of Twelve Layers of DNA

Twelve Layers of DNA

Book 12

Edited by Kryon
Year: 2010
No cover UFO Hotspots

UFO Hotspots

Best places for UFO spotting

No cover Yahyel


Shalanaya Hybrid Civilization