4. Lectures & Workshops

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There are more than 5 Million races from the multi-verse involved in our awakening.  This should tell us how important we all are to the Cosmos! There are many of us people who sent out a call into the Multi-verse asking our Star Brothers and Sisters to come and make their presence known. Our call was and is still being heard. Our Star Families are waiting to reconnect with us.   

One the wonderful ways to connect to them, to feel them and experience them, is being in a group and invite them, with the help and guidance of experienced ET-Healers. It is one of our missions to offer people the experience to feel them and give guidance to people in the process of contacting with our ancient families through lectures and workshops. 

During these events we provide information - not specificly to satisfy the mind but - mainly with the purpose to understand what might be experienced. One of the major reasons people have difficulty to experience the energies and the presence of ET's, is because of blockages in their beliefsystem. People's belief and doubt can be strong. So strong that a full experience becomes impossible. We create our reality with our thoughts : if you believe it is not possible to feel them or see them, you will create that reality. If we doubt strong enough, an uncertain experience is what we get. 

Thomas the Apostle said : "Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe." But when Jesus appeared later and offered to let Thomas see and touch his wounds, Thomas showed his belief by proclaiming,  "My Lord and my God!" Jesus said to him, "because you have seen me, you believe. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe."  And that is the Truth, we can't see what we believe to be not possible. First believe (or at least be really open to it), than we can experience. Once the experience goes beyond the limits of our minds and thinking (beliefsystem), we become like Thomas after he met Jesus again. Ever wondered why Jesus has given the world this lesson ?


The first part of our session will therefore always start with giving information to you and a Q&A part, where you can ask your questions. This way you can explore your own mindset and make yourself feel comfortable with the upcoming ET contact experience. By doing so we enter a realm that is accessible for (almost) everyone. Just call it "common ground knowledge". Followed by meditation, the invitation of the ET's and expressing your intention towards them. Expressing your intention is vital for the experience. We create what we focus on intentionally combined with the power of the heart. The heart energy empowers your thinking from wishing to wanting, desiring with purity. Love is the fuel with which the creation is build and maintained in the whole Universe. Our friends, the ExtraTerrestrials, will definately respond to this kind of intentions.

During the events a grouphealing will be done where you can make contact with the ExtraTerrestrials through feeling. If time permits, one or more individual healing sessions can be done in front of the group as a form of demonstration so people can experience or observe the way the ET's work with us.

There is also the possiblity to communicate with the ET-Guides through what we best can subscribe as channeling (it is not exactly the same). Many times they have lovely messages for the group.

The workshop can be different each time. We can never be sure what our friends have planned for us and the group, because each group is different. Our experience is that composition of the groups is always perfecty arranged, as well as the number of people. It is as if they select people for every event, specific. We believe they do so, that's why we now trust the ET's to do so.

A lecture is not precisely a lecture as it suggests, it is a 2 hour experience with a group between 20-40 people and it is actually a mini workshop.

A workshop is a full day experience, where plenty of time is reserved for individual healing sessions and creative activities like drawing crop circle mandala's. Working with these amazing Sacred Geometric structures is effortlessly opening your subconsiouness for Light and Information of higher frequencies.

These lectures and workshop are done on a very regular basis throughout the Netherlands and in the near future also in Belgium.

If you are interested in joining one of our events, look at the event page on this website for our schedule EVENTS  

Subscibtion can be done on our FaceBook page Facebook Beyond Medicine Through this facebook page we also keep you updated about upcoming events. 
If you like us to do a workshop in your spiritual centre contact us - by e-mail or facebook - and see where our agendas match.