ET-Contact Week - Preparing for Contact

Date: 22 September 2018 12:00 - 28 September 2018 12:00

Venue: La Vie Tara - Maison de Terre Neuve

ET Contact Week - Preparing for Contact

The moment for open contact with extraterrestrial civilisations is approaching.
But how does that contact take place and how can you prepare for all this?
This week is all about preparing yourself (energetically) for this contact and sending out the invitations for this first contact.

ET Contact Week - Preparing for Contact

Sunday 22 September - Saturday 28 September 2019

Imagine ... You are with a small group of 10 like-minded people and you stay for a week in a former monastery in the south of France, an area surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains, completely embraced by wonderful nature and silence.
The chapel of this former monastery is located on top of a ley-line that connects several holy places in the region with each other and thereby gets a lot of attention from our alien friends. The energy in this chapel is extraordinarily special.

And imagine, you are here with experienced people in the field of working and communicating with a group of extraterrestrials with the mission to help their family here on Earth to remember who they really are.
They bring humanity back into contact with its own core and the greater whole through healing on many levels and through the use of messages.
And by being in contact with ourselves we open the door within ourselves for ' open contact ' with these extraterrestrial civilizations.

These extraterrestrial civilizations help people to become independent of that which is outside themselves ... not separated, but independent.
So that you can connect from your own core and from your own choice.
They help humanity in many ways to discover her strength and abilities within herself and from there to rediscover the world (and the Universe).

This week will also focus on developing your own sensitivity and learning to perceive subtle energies.
You will discover your own energy fields and learn to feel and distinguish different energies.
You will discover how you can make contact with other dimensions and how you can make contact with 'highly evolved beings' and guides in these dimensions.

The contact with extraterrestrials that precedes open contact is the contact in the non-physical realities.
This contact can occur when we direct our intention to it, e.g. during deep meditations, during our sleep and other moments when we let go of our focus and connection from the physical reality.
Important in this is that the intention is congruent with the energy we sent out ... The more the mind-consciousness and the subconscious mind are in alignment with each other, the easier it is to experience this contact. This alignment actually determines the degree to which we are ready for open contact.
If the mind wants this contact, but subconsciously there is fear, doubt or scepticism, then this energy is also hidden in the transmitted intentions as noise.

That is why we also offer a variety of activities such as the Reconnection, ET-healing sessions (in groups), Stargate Experiences, nature, play, creativity, specific exercises to prepare our systems (literally creating new circuitry / circuits in our systems) and much more, to increase and attune the energies to one another.

The activities are aimed as much as possible at increasing our frequency, increasing our perception abilities (sensitivity) and the uniformity of the energies in the group so that during nightwatches and CE-5* evenings we broadcast a similar intention and frequency.
And doing the Reconnection during this week is another option offered at a discount of 33.3% on the normal price this week.

* CE-5 stands for Close Encounters of the Fifth kind which means that it is possible for us “humans” to invoke encounters with extraterrestrial life forms.
   It is what we call Human Initiated Contact.


What does this week look like in the practical sense?

In the morning we start with 'stretching the Mind' and 'energy-balancing' activities.
You can think of activities to raise awareness about how your 'thinking, feeling and doing' influence each other either positively or negatively and determine your frequency, but also tools and meditations to prepare ourselves for contact ... whatever form of contact that may be.
Tools, simple Dru Yoga Sequences and meditations that you can continue to use yourself later to further allow this process to continue.

Through channeling with our guides answers can also be given to questions from the group. A Q&A session with our extraterrestrial guides !
At this moment we are still exploring if Wieteke Koolhof can come over for this week to share together with Arjun (of the Yahyel civilization) more with us about the moment and process of 'first open contact'. After all, the Yahyel (meaning 'the first ones') will be the first to participate in this open contact.
The attendance of Wieteke is not yet completely certain in regard to her own agenda.

Furthermore we can work together to practice with channeling, a first form of conscious contact with a (for us) non-physical reality.
Anyone can make this contact if we really open ourselves up to it and dare to get over the fear, doubt and scepticism.

And of course just enjoy the peace and nature and bring yourself even further into balance in this way.
If there are people who attend the personal sessions of the Reconnection, these sessions will mainly take place in the morning with Philip or Jacqueline.

And then.... Have a nice lunch.
We can sit outside in the huge gardens around the house or - if it's too fresh - just inside.
Afternoons can be used to share information about extraterrestrial civilizations, work with extraterrestrial teams, and Stargate Meditations can be done providing a group healing or initiate contact. We will also visit extraordinary places such as the very special Chapel of Mary Magdalene, the Stone Circle in Borée (a portal where there has been a sighting before) or whatever the group needs at that moment.

There is also the opportunity to draw or paint beautiful crop circle mandalas (full of extraterrestrial codes), a wonderful meditative activity to get all the way to the Here and Now ...
The materials are taken care of.

And of course we also make one or more nightly trips to energetic places to invite our extraterrestrial friends to come into our visible spectrum.
A week is actually too short!

All meals and drinks are included in the weekly price and the cuisine is truly great!
If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance, and we will take them into account as much as possible.

In short, a few days Earth and Beyond and back again!

In a nutshell ... the Reconnection

A group of the extraterrestrial Pleiadian civilization passed on a kind of protocol (a working method) in the early 90's to Dr. Eric Pearl, a chiropractor, who since then has been training people worldwide to reactivate people's energy systems... to upgrade for the new era as he calls it.
He called this process The Reconnection.
The Reconnection is a process where energetic points and lines in the energy body are activated, through which one can experience the direct contact with one's deeper being and the whole creation again.

A Reconnection is a personal decision, an individual process, so incredibly beautiful and very special to do on this power spot.
For us, doing a Reconnection for someone else feels like a sacred process, every time again and it is amazing what this process sets in motion.
We can't understand, we can't explain, but we see people gaining their strength, following their passion, changing their entire aura.
For some people, within a week, for others, a little later, but after a year, you see unbelievable changes.

Once you have done a Reconnection you will feel these energies flow in your body and we will teach you during this week how to further activate this process and how to use these energies for (self-)healing.

Another fascinating phenomenon is that you become more sensitive to information (and the presence of loving, helpful beings) from other dimensions and we can practice with this phenomenon this week as well.
Some call it channeling, others call it contact with one' s guide, clear knowing, clear hearing, clear voyance ... no matter what you call it ... It's about connecting and exchanging information.
If you want to read more about the Reconnection, please take a look at RECONNECTION.

In a nutshell ... Stargate Experience 

A Stargate Meditation is a very specific and powerful way of travelling interdimensionally using the geometric construction of the Stargate (which is present on the spot in the chapel).
If you want to read more about the Stargate Experience, please take a look at THE STARGATE EXPERIENCE.


Costs for this week, based on full pension are from 945, - euros per person depending on the type of room you prefer.
For more information and prices, see Price List 2019.

You can fly to Lyon, travel on Thalys (TGV) to Valence or come by car.
If you come by train with a group, you will be picked up by car from Valence station for a small fee.
More information about travelling with the TGV can be found HERE.

For registrations, send an email to with your name, the period/week you like to come and the room number of your preference.
You will receive an application confirmation and an invoice for the down payment. Your registration is final after receipt of this deposit.
This trip will definitely take place with at least 6 registrations.


This event is open to participants from the Netherlands and other countries.
If the composition of the group consists of participants from different countries, English will be the main spoken language during this week.

Can't you join this time ?

If it is not possible for you this week but you definitely want to experience an event with extraterrestrials, then in 2019 there are other options, namely
- the ET-Healing Week from 30 Juni - 6 Juli 2019 with a program that is fully dedicated to healing, awareness and contact with yourself.
- the Spirituele Familie Week from 18-24 Augustus 2019 with a program for both parents and kids !

If you would like to experience such an event with us but the South of France is just not feasible for you, then the ET-Healing Weekend Retreats in the Netherlands may be an alternative for you.
Of course you are missing the power spots in France, the blessed energy of the chapel, the nature, the delicious food, the intense energy that is built up during a weekj, but our experience is that even in these weekends a lot can happen.
For more information about the weekends, please keep an eye on the newsletter or contact us.

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