6. ET-Healing MasterPractitioner Program

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After having completed the ET-Healing Practitioner Course, you will have sufficient tools and experience to work as an ET-Healing practitioner and, for example, to start your own practice in the form that suits you best.
And at the same time we know that obtaining this certificate ... 

... is not the end of your development, but rather the beginning of a quantum leap in your evolution.

Already during the practitioners programme you have become acquainted with a world that goes far beyond what you considered 'normal' until then and this process goes further and further.
And this process of continuous growth is more than learning about ETs and learning to work as a healer in collaboration with ETs.

You enter a phase of integration in which you transform the knowledge and information into who you are. It becomes, as it were, a 'normal' part of your identity.
You unconsciously become competent, working together and being together with these loving beings becomes your 'second nature'.
It is no longer something you do, it has become something of yourself, you have found your own form and you are on your way to becoming a 'Master' level ... understanding your own Mastery.

To support and speed up this process, we are offering a follow-up to the ET-Healing practitioners in the form of the ET-Healing Master Practitioner Programme.
This follow-up section has several objectives, including more and more in-depth information about extraterrestrial civilizations and their world/reality, about the operation and change of our reality so that processes can also be 'understood' by yourself and by customers in a much broader context.
In this Master Course we will also go further in the field of channeling and healing, and how you can guide others to that state of being.

During the course, many different coaching tools and other advanced techniques will be used on a regular basis to support your own processes.
Because when you start to understand how you are 'put together', how you have gained more insight into it and how you can change this (if you want to), then you actually become master of your own identity.
Who you want to be has become a choice.

Is that easy? Yes and No.
Once you start to understand the mechanics under our reality, it seems very simple. It is, in fact, very simple.
But that's not how simple it is, and that makes it very interesting!!

Have we already gone through this process completely and 'captured' it? No ... we too are on our way ... on our way to Triple-A status ...

The ET-Healing Master Practitioner Course

This follow-up course consists of 9 intensive practical days, divided into 4 blocks of 2 days and one final certification day.
Wherever you are in the 'practitioner part' you will take the lead in this 'master part'.
Because only by doing so can you develop your skills, develop your own trust, find your own form, find your own strength.

In this program you will learn how to channel in the group, to pass on information in response to questions from others. This may seem scary, but it's actually the easiest way to learn it.
And you are going to learn to take others in a higher state of being, to take with you on a dimensional journey, for example using the Stargate *1.

In these blocks the focus is on you as healer and now even more as coach/supervisor, the connection you have with yourself, with your guide, with the extraterrestrial teams, with your client, and the relationship you have with 'the world'.
In practice and beyond, practicing with ET-Healing sessions and ET-Communication obviously plays a very important role.
Practicing, experiencing and exchanging with each other is invaluable. No other form of information transfer can ever take the place of experiencing it yourself in a field in which you make more use of your Higher Consciousness than of your mental abilities.

1 Note ! This is not training to become a certified Stargate Facilitator.
The training to become a certified Stargate Facilitator is exclusively provided by Stargate Experience International.
This section aims to bring you to a point where you learn to recognize and apply the process and the 'state of being'.
By working for/in/with a trusted group, your own understanding and abilities are accelerated in this area.
The group works as a reflection/reflection mirror for you and can give back information that you simply cannot see of yourself.



The fee for the ET-Healing Master Practitioner Course is € 1,070.25 excl. 21% VAT (€ 1,295.-- incl. VAT) and includes
Access to the 9 intensive floor days.
access to the many audio and visual material used during the programme or available on the other hand
the possibility of participating in one of the trainers' practices during the programme
During the programme, personal coaching / intervision at a reduced rate of € 60 per session.

Lunches are not included, please bring your own.

Dates ET-Healing Master Practitioner 2019 - group 1

- Praktijk Blok I      Thursday 21 + Friday 22 Februari 2019
- Praktijk Blok II     Thursday 21 + Friday 22 Maart 2019
- Praktijk Blok III    Thursday 18 + Friday 19 April 2019
- Praktijk Blok IV     Wednesday 5, Thursday 6 + Friday 7 Juni 2019

The size of the group is a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 participants.

Dates ET-Healing Master Practitioner 2019 - group 2

- Praktijk Blok I      Donderdag 24 + Vrijdag 25 Oktober 2019
- Praktijk Blok II     Donderdag 28 + Vrijdag 29 November 2019
- Praktijk Blok III    Donderdag 18 + Vrijdag 19 December 2019
- Praktijk Blok IV    Woensdag 8 + Donderdag 9 + Vrijdag 10 Januari 2020



The most important admission requirement is that you have completed the ET-Healing Practitioner Course.
In addition, a very important factor is the extent to which you are prepared to enter into this intensive process with yourself.

If you need help answering this question, you can always contact Manon van den Boorn () without obligation.

We love to hear from you !