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At this moment in the evolution of the Earth, there are many souls with the ability to heal and work with extraterrestrials. The Earth has reached a particular point in its evolution and there is a lot of help from extraterrestrial civilizations available and offering support for this amazingly big shift we are making.


The support we can receive from our star family goes far beyond our imagination.
There are masses of civilizations that support the transformation of the earth and mankind. These extraterrestrial civilizations are very much willing to support us and cooperate with mankind.
This cooperation with extraterrestrials can come in different forms.
Not everyone is involved in cooperation in the field of human well being. There are also people who work on animal wellfare with extraterrestrial support or, for example, our planet Earth itself with the reactivation of portals and ley lines.

All of us are here with a reason, and apart from the fact that, over the years, a healer must have developed a certain level of consciousness, there must also be a desire to participate in this that is more than a simple wish.
Wanting is often something from the Mind and a deep desire comes from your very own source.

If what you're going to read on this page triggers this longing for you, then you haven't landed here by chance.
To be able to do your work as an ET-Healer, you are put in contact with an extraterrestrial guide (who is sometimes already with you without you being aware of it) who works as a kind of 'communicator' between you and an extraterrestrial team of 3-7 beings (varies per session) and who is always there during the ET-Healing sessions.

This extraterrestrial team is highly specialised in the field of human well-being, both on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
These teams often work together with the healer and his guide for a longer period of time, but the formation may change from time to time.
The extraterrestrial guide (ET-Guide as we call them) will be there for you all the time. Over the years, other guides may also present themselves to show you other aspects of the whole.

The extraterrestrial teams want to help as many people as possible and are able to work for several ET-healers.
Sometimes during sessions we see our own teams being joined by teams from one another.
We have also noticed that the teams seem to be moving more to distance when a healer no longer has the same intention or focus on the area of ET-Healing.

The extraterrestrial teams we work with are not forcing anyone to do this work, nor are they ever acting beyond the free will of the healer.
If even your soul contract were to state that you would like to spend this life as a healer and do this together in contact with your Star family, they would still leave that choice entirely up to you.
Many souls have made an agreement to be reminded of their mission, if you wish to call it that, and that is why many are being led to places and people who carry these extraterrestrial frequencies. They are letting you know ... look here, look there ...

They respect your free will to an extremely high degree and so becoming an ET-Healer is a choice for you that must fit your way of life.
And the ETs have a seemingly endless patience with us in this respect - they just withdraw for a while and wait for the healer to dedicate enough time and energy to building the contact.
This is a positive thing, they are not forcing anything and leave the development of the process entirely to the pace indicated by the ET-Healer!
In addition to being inspired to the idea of becoming an ET-healer, the candidate must also be ready for it at this point in his life. Ready means to be spiritually mature and to have the right conditions in your life to actually be able to undertake the work.

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine has a lot of experience in introducing and assisting new healers in working with extraterrestrial beings and has developed a programme for this purpose.
We are providing a variety of support to the new healers.

As a matter of fact, the term ET-Healer is not an accurate representation of this role either.
In reality, an ET-Healing session is a co-recreation of the client, the extraterrestrial beings and the ET-Healer where also a crucial factor leading to the healing actually is performed by the client himself.
The ET-Healer has a significant role in this process, namely that of being a channel, a portal for the extraterrestrial beings, through which light, information, specific frequencies, etc. can be passed through.
Information and frequencies offered by the extraterrestrial teams and introduced into the field.
Ultimately, it is the extent to which the client can allow him- or herself to resonate with these frequencies that will determine the effectiveness of the ET-Healing session.

One of the other essential tasks of the ET-Healer is to be able to invite the client lovingly to participate in the energy and to receive that which is offered.
Once that has been made possible, you then see the magic coming to life.
Thus, the ET-Healer is more of a 'facilitator' of a healing process in collaboration with extraterrestrial (or interdimensional) beings rather than the direct healer of a complaint from another person.
That is why we prefer to speak in the programme of ET-Healing Practitioner.

So, what makes ET-Healing so challenging?

If an ET-Healing Practitioner only needs to be a channel, what is so challenging about it?
Imagine in our 3D world any pipe-shaped object such as a tube, a portal or a porch, through which a wind is blown with the power of a hurricane. What would happen to the obstacles in that enclosure?
Similarly, during the healing sessions, high, powerful energy frequencies pass through the ET-Healing Practitioner.

ET-Healing Practitioner who daily work with this energy frequency vibrates loose any obstacle that is stuck in their own energy field and that cannot resonate with the system.
These obstacles are literally the obstacles that we as humans hold in our systems as a result of negative experiences in our lives and are in fact pieces that do not resonate with your system, but that were too "difficult" to integrate properly.

Working with these extraterrestrial beings is therefore initially a big clean-up of the healer and entering into this process is a decision that each person has to make for himself, but is unavoidable if you intend to work with these extraterrestrial teams and frequencies.
For all intents and purposes, what we here call a clean-up is actually a wonderful spiritual journey to yourself in which everything that does not belong to you may be released, including your (un)conscious fears and beliefs about yourself and the rest of the world.
Of course, the extraterrestrial teams really do dose this, they don't let anyone go under in this process, but it does mean that during the ET-Healing sessions and they can only do as much as the channel can handle!
Dr. Eric Pearl of The Reconnection ( for those who have heard of him) says so for good reason:


As the ET-Healing Practitioner grows more and more into his/her true power, the more becomes possible during the ET-Healing sessions.
The challenge for ET-Healing Practitioners is to work on themselves as well as to learn working together with these loving extraterrestrials.

The ET-Healing Practitioner Course

ET-Healing Practitioner Course

This programme consists of 12 practical days and is currently offered at two different locations around the world, namely the Netherlands and France.
The programme in the Netherlands consists of 4 blocks of 3 consecutive days with a period of approx. 4-5 weeks between the blocks. This programme is given in the Dutch language.

The programme in France consists of two weeks of intensive coaching with a weekend off in the middle and includes a stay at our international centre for training and healing, La Vie Tara - Maison de Terre Neuve. This is an international programme with English as its main language.

The programmes in both countries start twice a year, one in spring and one in autumn.
The group size is a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12 participants.

During the programme, practicing with ET-healing and contact with your ET-Guide takes on a very prominent role.
In these blocks the focus is on you as ET-healing practitioner, the relationship with yourself, your guide, the teams and your relationship with the world.
We will also make use of various coaching techniques to clarify where your growth points are when working with yourself, with other people and with our extraterrestrial friends.

Practicing and experiencing with each other is of immense value, and no information can ever replace this in a work area where you make more use of your higher consciousness than of your mental capacities.

During the programme, the practicing sessions (individual, pair and group sessions) are alternated with information about a wide variety of subjects, such as working with energy fields, dimensions, mechanics of channeling and healing with extraterrestrial beings, information about the extraterrestrial teams themselves ... and what the participants themselves contribute in questions, subjects and cases.
The goal is to familiarize the ET-Healing Practitioner with working with these loving creatures and in contacting them, so much that it becomes natural.
The programme also aims to provide a basic level of knowledge about how the human system is designed and which important energy processes (and disruptions of them) can take place in it.


The Structure of the ET-Healing Practitioner Course

If you know us a little from Beyond Medicine (or else you'll experience it yourself) ... We only use structures as a kind of framework, and always look at the needs of the participants and what presents itself as being significant or relevant at any given time.
For structures can also be a limitation or an obstruction for something that is greater or more relevant at a given moment an know that we then dare to let go of these structures in order to receive what presents itself.

The structure below therefore provides a handhold, but the realisation is at all times a co-creation of participant, us as facilitator and especially our extraterrestrial friends, because realize, they love playing and surprises (excitement)!

Topic 1 - In Contact

During a session prior to the programme, you were brought into contact under supervision and introduced to an extraterrestrial guide.
We call it your ET-Guide.
This ET-Guide becomes, as it were, your personal friend and will guide you in the healing processes of yourself and others.
As with any friendship, ... Your connection becomes deeper as you make contact more often and, above all, more openly.
You can only really experience this contact if you really dare to show yourself.
A large part of this is in your hands!
Don't expect your guide to do it all for you.
Your guide is a companion and a friend who is very much willing to help and support if you ask for it.
Note ... sometimes people think their guide has to do this or that for them ...
Your ET-Guide is not a servant who can be told what to do. It is not that kind of a relationship at all.

Topic 2 - STAND

There is actually no such thing as a fixed form for working with these extraterrestrial beings.
Everyone is different, we all have different soul agreements so we do not force anyone to work in a particular way.
Precisely because of your uniqueness we challenge you to find your own form, because in that form you will be able to flow as best you can.

So we do not have a fixed method in learning to work together, but of all that we offer in our programs STAND comes the closest.
STAND in this context stands for

- Surrender

Learning to surrender to the process and let go of control. Wanting to have control is a reaction of fear and limits to a large extent the things that want to unfold.
- Trust

Learning to trust your Higher Self first and from there then trust on others.
Discover who you are and get in touch with others from there.

- Allow

Learning to allow yourself to be present even if you don't understand what is happening.
Learning to receive and give, learning to flow freely.
- Notice

Learning to be an observer without needing to give a direct meaning to the observed.
Letting go of the need to know everything what is happening.
- Do

Learning to play freely and discover without knowing where it's going.
Just like a young child exploring a new world and discovering it full of wonder.
You can only experience this new world by acting upon it.


Topic 3 - The Art of Channeling

ET-Healing Practitioner Course

Learning to understand the mechanism of perceiving our own reality and from here learning to understand the way in which information from ET-Guides enters our consciousness through the Higher Self (Higher Mind).

Topic 4 - The Art of ET-Healing - part I

Understanding the mechanism of each disease as an imbalance in the flow of energy and that every form of healing is in fact the process of re-establishing the resonance of body systems with its natural core frequency.
The ET teams have mastered determining the out-of-alignment parts and providing exactly the frequencies that can enable the person to return to his or her core frequency provided that the person is willing to embrace those excluded parts again unconditionally.
As soon as you can fully realize this, you know that healing in a sense is always a form of self-healing, even with this loving and very precise support from extraterrestrial friends.

Topic 5 - The Art of ET-Healing - part II

Now you know the mechanism of healing works and the role of the ET-Healing Practitioner, now what is the role of your ET-Guide and the ET-Tteams and last but not least the role of the client during the healing process.
Why is it that a client does not (or cannot) heal?
Can these extraterrestrial teams heal everything you ask them for and do they want to?

Topic 6 - Levels of Change

Gain insight into the structure of our own personality and how we create the physical experience with this personality through our beliefs, emotions and thoughts/actions.
We need an ego in order to have a physical experience. Is your ego a friend or an enemy?

Topic 7 - Who Am I?

Despite the fact one has a temporary and constantly changing personality, this is not really who you are.
In itself it is a path of life to keep rediscovering oneself from a new perspective and at the same time there is always an indestructible, never-changing core apart from this more or less adopted personality structure with which you discover oneself.
This part of us is the driving force behind what we want to experience, your passion is your compass and your personality a kind of steering wheel that you operate with your free will.
In order to understand our extraterrestrial friends better, we start with the question in this part of the programme ... who am I?

Topic 8 - Your Connection to our Galactic Family

As we become more and more aware of who we are ourselves, the question of 'who are you' automatically comes up and it is time to explore our connections with other beings and civilizations in more depth.
For we can only experience ourselves through the connections and reflections of others, including our starting families.
Who are they?
Why do they feel so familiar?
Why are they here?

Topic 9 - Paradox, Passion and Personal Themes

As we begin to understand who we are and how we perceive (and create) our physical reality, the question arises of what you would like to be doing and how you want to show up in the world.
Questions like ... what is the most exciting and challenging way I want to express myself in the world and what is stopping me from doing so.
What is my form to bring my Light and these frequencies into the world.
It may be healing sessions for humans, animals, areas ... or integrate ET-Healing into yoga classes, massage sessions, etc. or in any form whatsoever.
How are you going to integrate these new connections and frequencies into your life?
What will you need and where do you appear to be unable to give yourself permission to fully live your uniqueness and authenticity in co-creation with your team?

Topic 10 - Working as a Therapist

While you may already have made a start on doing ET-Healing sessions for other people, it's time to be aware of situations that may arise during interactions with other people.
In this session we would like to offer you some practical do's and don'ts that we have encountered in our practice.

Topic 11 - Time for a Personal Topic to bring in

In this penultimate session we give you as a participant the opportunity to bring in your own subject.

Topic 12 - Conclusion, evaluation and Certification

In this last session we will complete the ET-Healing Practitioner Course together, evaluate the program and your process and discuss your portfolio.
This portfolio is a kind of diary of the development of your connection and contact with your ET-Guide and the team, in which you also document what you have experienced about yourself and the clients with whom you have done ET-Healing sessions.

ET-Healing Practitioner Course Netherlands 


The price for the ET-Healing Practitioner Programme in the Netherlands is € 1,740.00 incl. VAT and includes
- access to the 12 days of practice
- access to audio material used and/or recorded during the programme
- access to video material used during the program
- syllabus
- the possibility of traineeship in one of the trainers' practices during the programme
- Personal coaching / intervision at a reduced rate of € 60 per session during the programme.

ET-Healing Practitioner Course

Lunches and dinners are not included, please bring your own.

After the intake interview with Manon and the session to contact your personal extraterrestrial guide with Jacqueline, the registration is complete after payment of the deposit of the first block of € 435.00 incl. 21% VAT.


Dates group ETP 2019-I     Level I : Practitioner

- Praktijk Blok I     6, 7 en 8   February 2019
- Praktijk Blok II    6, 7 en 8   March 2019
- Praktijk Blok III   3, 4 en 5   April 2019
- Praktijk Blok IV   1, 2 en 3   May 2019

Dates group ETP 2019-II     Level I : Practitioner

- Praktijk Blok I      9, 10 en 11 September 2019
- Praktijk Blok II     9, 10 en 11 October 2019
- Praktijk Blok III  13, 14 en 15 November 2019
- Praktijk Blok IV  11, 12 en 13 December 2019


All days of this program will be catered for in the beautiful location de Schaapshoeve in Langenboom, Netherlands

De Schaapshoeve
Schaapsdijkweg 20
5453 SE Langenboom

de Schaapshoeve - Langenboom, Netherlands

Schaapsdijkweg 20a, 5453 SE Langenboom, Netherlands

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 International ET-Healing Practitioner Course France


The price for the international ET-Healing Practitioner Programme in France is € 2,740.00 incl. VAT and includes
- access to the 12 days of practice
- access to audio material used and/or recorded during the programme
- access to video material used during the program
- syllabus
- Personal coaching / intervision at a reduced rate of € 60 per session during the programme.

ET-Healing Practitioner Course

And includes your stay, your meals and the course.

After the intake interview with Jacqueline and the session to contact your personal extraterrestrial guide, the registration is complete after payment of the deposit of € 435.00 incl. 21% VAT.

Dates group ETI 2019-I     Level I : Practitioner

Sunday 12 May - Saturday 25 May 2019


All days of this program will be catered for in the beautiful location Maison de Terre Neuve / La Vie Tara in Lalouvesc, France

Maison de Terre Neuve / La Vie Tara
Route de Saint-Bonnet
07520 Lalouvesc, France



The most important admission requirement is not determined by us, but by you and the ETs.
Incidentally, it is rare for us to see that extraterrestrials do not want to establish any form of contact and cooperation.

But although there is still a lot of healing work to be done, the numbers are not the issue.
The Extraterrestrial beings usually do indicate whether they can work with the candidate without pushing him/her beyond his/her own boundaries, because their frequencies will certainly immediately evoke all kinds of healing processes.
Sometimes it is advised to first start healing a number of old fragments, such as through ET-Healing sessions, in order to get in touch with them and their energies and then to start the intensity as in the ET-Healing Practitioner Programme.

In addition, a very important factor is the degree to which you find yourself ready to enter into this process with yourself.
Only you can determine this!
If you need help with these questions, please contact us.

Together, we can explore, in a free and non-binding consultation, whether this fits in with your life and whether this is the right time for you.
After this consultation it is possible to check with Jacqueline if you can be brought into contact with an ET-Guide.

For the sake of clarity the extraterrestrials very much wish to cooperate with "humans" and make no distinction between who is good enough and who is not!
What matters is whether the partnership in this specific form suits you completely and whether this is really what you want to do in this life.
The Extraterrestrial beings will not tempt you to do something while this is not your mission, they will not facilitate that.
This has nothing to do with whether or not someone is good enough!

Occasionally clients do get an ET-contact ( or guide or whatever you want to call it ) during the introduction session, but not with an extraterrestrial 'medical' team, simply because healing work is not really their way.
But through their extraterrestrial guide they can cooporate in a way that makes their heart go faster and where their passion leads them.
For this is what they and us ultimately want ... to do here for what you have come to Earth.

Why not starting this course ?

If you know that this is what you want to do in your life, go for it. We'll help you get started.
However, if you see this as another interesting new feature on your spiritual CV alongside everything else you've already done, please don't do it.
You'll be really disappointed with the effort you'll have to put into yourself and the Extraterrestrial beings to do this apparently simple work successfully.
It is really hard work on yourself, there is no avoiding of that!

What we offer

Below we would like to explain in more detail what possibilities we offer to people who very much like to enter into this loving adventure with the extraterrestrials and with themselves.

It has given us an enormous enrichment in our lives to learn things that even in our greatest imagination we couldn't have imagined.
We as people sometimes say "a world is opening up for you", but this actually goes much further.

Introduction to your ET-Guide

During an individual session we ask our guides if you, as a candidate, are ready to collaborate with each other.
This is, by the way, often already known to all parties involved, either consciously or unconsciously ... somehow you know it, you feel it .... they know it and your guide is usually already waiting for you.
Often this guide has been observing the new ET-Healing Practitioner for a period of time and has already made contact with him/her. Sometimes even for a very long time.

Most new healers also tell us that since they decided to walk this path they experience a feeling of loving presence and joy or feel an even stronger presence.
During the session with Jacqueline, the new ET-Healing Practitioner is invited and guided in making contact with this ET-guide, and at some point he or she may also ask for his or her name.
After this first contact there will be a first check during the session and the candidate will be instructed how to recognize the contact with his or her guide.
After this session the candidate has to do some homework to develop the relationship and to learn to trust himself as well as the guide.
The ET-guide also has homework to do ... A good relationship comes from both sides.
For ET-guides, this is sometimes the first time that they have engaged in such intensive interaction with humans.

The extraterrestrial guides are in the beginning often very careful in their contact; they have usually only observed so far.
They do not want to deter or influence people in any way and therefore wait for the ET-Healing Practitioner to make contact.

In addition, they also have guidelines for making contact and there are restrictions on what they can communicate and do.
They are being monitored by their associations and, in some cases, whistled back, as we ourselves have ever experienced in our persistent questions on political and economic issues.
Questions about other persons are also answered very superficially if this person has not given his or her consent or if the questions are not relevant to both parties.

It is our experience that without support programmes such as these, few people will eventually start up and establish a lasting contact for conducting ET-Healing sessions or other forms of cooperation.
We want to facilitate the upcoming ET-Healing Practitioner in making a successful start and we are very reluctant to facilitate contact with an ET Guide for people who do not want to follow the program.
No matter how simple it all may seem, there are really few people who fully integrate this shift without guidance and then it will be a disappointment for all parties.

Practice and support with ET-Healing and channeling

After the first introduction, as a new ET-Healing Practitioner you will practice a lot in communicating with and connecting to the ET-Guide.
Without communication with the ET-Guide, it is much more difficult to consciously work with the extraterrestrial team. Nonetheless, it is still possible.
We encourage the new ET-Healing Practitioner by doing ET-healing sessions or channeling sessions together with him/her and by letting the participants practice with each other.

The main goal is to learn how to collaborate with an ET-Guide, how the extraterrestrial teams operate, how to improve the quality of the sessions and ensure that both the healer and the client are comfortable, confident and at ease during a session.

Do not underestimate this phase. Working with Extraterrestrial beings opens up a completely new reality, which for most of us goes far beyond our current world view.
It takes time to understand and accept this and to learn to discern what your own thoughts are and what you perceive from another dimension of reality.
This can be a very confusing and unsettling phase, which you can hardly share with your environment because they have no frame of reference either.


Once the communication is established, the new practitioner can start ET-healing sessions. For some, this is a small step for others an enormous one.
Suddenly there is the responsibility for others and often the new practitioner feels pressure to perform.
Even though there is "nothing" to do for the new ET-Healing Practitioner, most beginning ET-Healing Practitioners experience it quite differently.

Tension is not particularly conducive during the ET healing session because it is necessary for the practitioner to be able to let the energy flow freely.
The lesson here is to trust, to be able to surrender and to learn to understand your part during the healing sessions. Because even though the team and the ET-Guide does a significant part of the work, you are there for a reason!
We facilitate this phase for the new ET-Healing Practitioner by offering the possibility to do an internship in one of our practices, to experience how we do the ET-healing sessions.

These internships consist mainly of observing real-life ET-Healing sessions where the client has given prior consent for the presence of a 'trainee'.
The intern has no interaction with the client during the session, but after the session there is plenty of time for exchanging observations and experiences and of course asking questions.
If the student-trainee takes a client with him/herself, (s)he can of course do the healing session under our guidance and the extraterrestrial team.


After a while you as a new ET-Healing Practitioner will do ET-healing sessions in your own practice.
This is a new phase in working with the Extraterrestrial beings and you come into a reality that is sometimes so unreal and therefore will lead to many questions.
There will be a need for feedback. As a new ET-Healing Practitioner, you may just want to check by hearing from our ET Guides whether what you are experiencing is true.
This is really normal!
We ourselves had a great need for this at the beginning, and sometimes we still check together.

The point is, that we often cannot yet understand all this new information from other realities.
This has to be built up, just as children have to learn the language before they can go to secondary school and then study.
Every new ET-Healing Practitioner will undergo growth and will become increasingly familiar with the reality of the Extraterrestrial beings and the completely new information and insights they present.

The doubt and fear, which can understandably be present in the beginning, restrict the possibilities of contact with the ET's.
They do everything they can to make things understandable and acceptable for us, so that we can get used to all this and at the same time stretch our world of experience a bit further!
We facilitate this phase for the new ET-Healing Practitioner to offer time for coaching, where healers can ask questions, information and clarification.
We may do a few sessions together, give feedback on the progress of their work and offer suggestions on how you can best operate in your own practice, etc.

We also teach new ET-Healing Practitioners how to deal with requests for help from their clients. To be an ET-Healing Practitioner is more than just doing the session.
There are also a lot of coaching skills involved. The trainers at Healing Centre Beyond Medicine are all very experienced NLP coaches and teach the new ET-Healing Practitioners not only to provide ET-Healing sessions but also the basics of coaching.


The process of learning never stops!
Even the extraterrestrials are still learning every day ... they are learning a lot from us!
And learning is best done by doing and sharing experiences.
There is no fixed method for doing an ET-Healing session and there is so much to learn.
No single ET-Healing session is the same.

We therefore regularly do healing sessions with each other to learn from each other, where we give each other valuable professional feedback so that we also further develop our skills.
Asking for feedback is not a sign of weakness, but an enrichment and acceleration of your own process, because there is always so much to learn. It's not practical to just want to discover all that on your own.

ET-Healing Practitioner Network Days

Can you imagine what it is like to gather with like-minded people, all ET-Healing Practitioners, and they all bring together their ET guides and many of the extraterrestrial teams?
Ever felt the energy at a meeting with hundreds of ET's together?
Once a year we organize an ET-Healing Practitioner Networking Day.

These are very remarkable days in which we are bathed in light, love and energy. We share our experiences, information, experiences with ET-healing sessions and may network with each other.
And last but not least, we are looking forward ... what is needed to move forward in our areas of activity, how can we help each other and how can we work together.
As our guides so often say ... "You'll always walk your path yourselves, but you'll never walk your path alone".

These are days of giving and receiving.
ET-Healing Practitioners can also join our Facebook ET-Healing Practitioner page, so that we can always provide each other with relevant information and have the opportunity to ask questions.

ET-Healing Master Practitioner Course

This program is a follow-up program to the ET-Healing Practitioner Program and participation is only possible after completion of this first level.

Adhering to the fundamental ET-Healing Practitioner Programme, in which the 'essentials' of working with the beings of extraterrestrial civilizations is the central focus, you come to the point and in the phase of actually bringing this about in the Earthly reality.

Some people find this easy and others find it more difficult. It is just like with your driver's license ... as long as there is an instructor next to you, you dare to go on the road, but as soon as you seem to have full responsibility, other beliefssystems pop up. The obtaining of a certificate or driving licence is therefore a starting point for a new phase of self discovery.

As for cooperating with extraterrestrials, this is exactly fine!
After the fundamental programme, a vacuum arises in which many things, insights and energies are unconsciously given time (and also need time) to integrate.
And then after some time it happens ... the longing for the loving contact, the energies and the amazing experiences ... the wish to go on with this ... but how ... and do I have that courage to do it by myself?

We always maek a kind of joke to people who start the interaction with the teams that once you have been infected by their love and frequencies, there is no cure and you will feel this desire for the rest of your life.
And although joking, we probably mean it.

The aim of this ET-Healing Master Practitioner programme is twofold ...
- First of all, we too continue to discover and develop and are committed to sharing and passing on the new insights and experiences.
- Secondly, and this is something that we have envisioned, felt and wished for from the very beginning, the joining of all our strengths. To combine each other's strengths and potential in a Light Network.

Feel free to take a look at the ET-Healing Master Practitioner Program.



This information is intended to indicate that an ET-Healing Practitioner is not alone in this adventure.
This is always so noticeable during the training programmes ... You are part of a family of like-minded people who also feel these connections and yearn to manifest these energies here on Earth again.

However, we also want to make it clear that becoming an ET-Healing Practitioner is a serious matter.
Like the extraterrestrials, we like to work with serious applicants and therefore ... Realize that in this program you cannot sit back and wait for it to happen.
ET-Healing is not a technique, a method or a trick that we can teach others. This work can only be carried out from deep inside out because that is how the connection and the flow of energy runs.
We therefore ask the new ET-Healing Practitioners for a sense of commitment, while at the same time always keeping an eye on personal possibilities, processes and circumstances.
Because we know that every new practitioner goes through a process of his own that differs from that of others and may therefore need different support.

The program is not like a fixed training course that makes everyone a kind of standard ET-Healing Practitioner. This is not possible. It simply does not work like that.
Every new ET-Healing Practitioner has its own backpack with valuable tools and experiences that all may be integrated.
Together with everyone's skills and with our extraterrestrial companions, we'll make this programme a journey you'll never forget. That guarantee we give you!
We see time and again how beautifully the extraterrestrials make use of the skills that already exist and from which unique ET-Healing Practitioners arise again and again.

If you feel this resonate in your system after reading this page and you are serious about working as an ET-Healing Practitioner, please contact us and join a wonderful family of people who preceded you.

You are very much welcome!