5. ET-Healing Practitioner Program

13. 12. 05
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
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At this point of time there are many souls on Earth with the ability to heal and work with the ExtraTerrestrials. Planet Earth has arrived at a fenomenal turning point in her evolution and much assistance from outer space is available and waiting for healers to wake up.  


The support we can receive from our star families is beyond our imagination, there are multitude of cultures assisting the transformation of the Earth and humanity from behind the scenes just not to scare us off.
These extraterrestrial beings are very keen on working together with humans. 

Despite this fact, these extraterrestrial beings are also very precise in where to invest and where not.  Apart from many characteristics a healer needs to have developped over many lifetimes, there must be a desire that is stronger than just wanting.
So although there is much work to be done, it is not about numbers. Quality is more important than quantity.    

Apart from the motivation to become an ET-healing practitioner, the candidate must be ready for it at this point of his journey here on Earth. Ready in the sense of being spiritually mature as well as being in the practical circumstance to do the work.  

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine has a lot experience in introducing and guiding new healers in working with these extraterrestrial beings and can offer a lot of support to new ET-healers.
If you are serious about becoming an ET-healer, contact us and join us.  
We have created various ways to provide support for new healers :


Introduction to your ET-Guide

During this session we will ask the ExtraTerrestrials if the candidate is capable and ready to start working as an ET-Healer. This is not a choice of the candidate or our team, the ET's determine whether they can to work with the candidate without pushing him/her over his/her own bounderies, for their frequencies will most certainly invoke all kinds of healing processes straight away. If so, we will ask the extraterrestrial team to bring forth an ET-Guide that will support the new ET-healer during the sessions and events.
Most of the time the ET's knew upfront this was going to be asked and the guide is already waiting. Sometimes the ET-Guide has already been observing the candidate for some time during the daily activities and many times we hear from the candidate that they felt there was already presence and/or contact.

The candidate is encouraged to make contact with the ET-guide and may ask for his/her name. After this first contact, some basic training will be done in communicating and learning the candidate how to recognize the contact with his/her ET-guide.
Now there will come a time of doing a lot homework ... building the relationship and learning to trust him-/herself in the contact.

Note ... the ExtraTerrestrials are mostly very carefull (or shy) in their contact at first. In most cases it is the first real, serious contact (other then observing) for people and they do not want to scare humans, so they are very causious in their approach and will be waiting for the candidate to make contact !!!
They have strict "rules of engagement", are restricted in the things to say or do and are constantly evaluated on that.


Support/practicing in channeling and ET-Healing

After the first introduction the candidate needs to practise a lot on the communication skills. Without communication with the ET-guide it is less fun to work these extraterrestrial beings, although the ET-Healing sessions are not neccesarily less in terms of outcome.
We can support the candidate in this process by setting up joined sessions for channeling and healing on friends or family.
The main goal here is that the candidate starts to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident in the contact with the ET's, their abilities and the way they work.

Note ... working with ET's opens up a complete new reality to the most of us. It takes time for your (belief-)system to accept this.


Internship place

Once the communication is in place the healing sessions can start. For some this is an easy step, for others this is a quantum leap. All at once their is the responsibility for others and most of the times the pressure to perform. Although there is nothing to perform - the ET team is doing the work - most starting healers feel otherwise. This tension is not supportive to the healing process, for the healer is a neccesary part to get the energy flowing freely. So, the lesson here is TRUST AND SURRENDER.

We facilitate the phase by offering candidates to do internship in one of our practises and to see how the healing sessions are done, having the possibility to ask questions and assisting the healing session (if the client permits) with the candidate ET-Guide and ET-Medical Team. The client is lucky, (s)he gets twice as much ET-healing as normal.



After a while the candidate will start doing the healing sessions alone in his/her own practise but will still have many questions. Note again, this is really a complete new reality the candidate is entering and sometimes things are so bizar, we just start to doubt if this is not all imagination. The problem is that our model of the world can not conceive things to far beyond it. And although the ET's do their best to make it all understandable for us, our minds will be stretched constantly and this will feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Most candidates will get used to it. You'll have to.

We facilitate this phase by offering the candidates time for coaching where new healers can post questions, ask for information or clarity, do some sessions together, receive feedback on their development, receive guidelines for how to work in their own practise etc. 



We should always stay open to learn from eachother. There is no fixed method of how to do ExtraTerrestrial healing and there is so much to learn.  

For this reason we ourselves regularly do healing sessions together to learn the ways of others. Especially in the interaction with the client it is very difficult to observe ourselves and professional feedback from others can be very valuable here to develop our own professionality.


ET-Healer Community Days

Can you imagine how it feels to be together with like minded people, bringing together their lovely ET-Guides and dozens of extraterrestrial beings from our teams ? 

A few times a year we organize ET-Healer Community days. These days are very special, we all are bathed in Light and Energy. During these days there is time for sharing experience and information, healing sessions, stargate experience and networking. Days of giving and receiving.

ET-Healers joining our community can also join our FaceBook ET-Healer Community so during the year we can update eachother with relevant information.


Event support

It is true that the ET's also help the healers by sending clients to our practises, but of course the healers need to show themselves. One of the ways to promote your practise is doing workshops, events or fairs. In the beginning this could be very exiting experience, being there all alone, and might just be a reason not to do it.

For this next step we offer the possibility to ET-Healers to join us on these kind of activities or to ask (one of) us to join the ET-Healer on an activity of him-/herself, provided that this is profitable for both parties.


Hopefully we did not scare off anybody with this information. It was meant to be supportive, but we also want to be clear that becoming an ET-Healer is a serious business and that we, just like the extraterrestrial beings, only invest in serious candidates and that our support is not totally free and without obligation.

As mentioned on the page Fair Prices there must be an equal exchange of energy, in whatever form.

If you are serious about becoming an ET-Healing Practitioner (ET-Healer), contact us and join us.