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Were you attending as well?
At the ET-Healing & Contact Experience of last month ?

Just like about a year ago, we were once again invited to come aboard one of the larger Galactic Federation ships stationed around our planet.

Wonderful experience, for some new, for others a reunion.
How wonderful to receive and read all those reactions and experiences afterwards via email.
For instance, we received the following feedback that we would like to elaborate on in this newsletter....

Dear Philip and Jaqueline!

What a beautiful journey that was again... an adventure! one point I was in a tube or trunk for a while until I came to the spacecraft and there I immediately saw the hybrid children, also because I asked for them.

I really wanted to experience the nursery, to experience this area from close by and see all the details but I did not see that .

... I am very grateful that I was allowed to experience this and also hope that I can see a spaceship in its entirety, the areas and all the details etc .

Is this coming ?
Do you often hear from people that the vision is very limited ?
Is there a reason for this ?

Again I am super happy to have experienced this already !

In this newsletter, we want to explore these questions a little more deeply, because more and more people are (or will be) getting snippets of memories.

What we recognize in these questions is that memories of such earlier encounters or visits often emerge incrementally.
The very fact that there is such a strong desire to see the spaces again, with the 'day consciousness', means that we already know the existence of these spaces at another layer ... for we resonate to these things because the frequency of them is already within us.
There is already an energetic imprint or memory.

But it is not always in our best interest to get all the memories active at once all at once without it upsetting the chronology and consistency of our daily lives.

Most people up to now have known, as it were, two worlds, one with experience in the physical world and one with experience in a kind of dream state, which is just as real, but not yet experienced as such.
These worlds are merging for many and this is happening step by step, not in one big bang. It might come as a mental shock to most people if it turns out that many of their "dreams" are just as real experiences, only in a different world.

This is partly a reason why most extraterrestrial guides begin by making contact through your dream state or during meditations & healing sessions and are not immediately in your physical reality.

We are now familiar with several ways in which our consciousness and our guides bring information from other worlds drip by drip into our consciousness and memory.

One such way is to bring visuals in fog, mists, veils.

The image/space/beings is not clear or sharp at first, but we can sense it, and we remember the situation through this sensation.
Other ways are that we first get images from afar, or in black and white or shades of gray, or blurry / out of focus, or only one specific object or area clear and the rest of the larger context / space is blurry, gray, in fog, too far away, ...

When such experiences are integrated in a positive way, a clearer image can emerge, or sharper image, more colors, closer, with interaction and so on, rising to an increasingly real experience.

Sometimes also with more sound/tones/sounds/words.... more interaction, more information, more sensation and energy, even more emotion and so on.

If it cannot yet be integrated in a constructive way because for example fears come up then more time is needed to get in alignment first.

In working with our extraterrestrial guides, we have noticed that they are very careful and skilled in making constructive contact so that there is always a positive relationship where our (unconscious) fears are not a hindrance but an invitation for self-examination.


There are several other ways we awaken our memory.
Another way we also often see is that the first memory is a kind of snapshot or "mental image. A still visual image.
A very clear image, but with no reference or memory of this image in physical reality.

You have no idea where this came from, where you know this from, but it is very clear.
Sometimes you don't even know what it means or is supposed to represent.

And then later another one, and another one, and another one.
Then there will be "snapshots" that sort of connect to earlier images, until the moment when we begin to understand the correlations and start moving toward the full memory "in motion.

Often it helps to ask our guides (or if you think you don't have one, just ask your own Higher Self) for such correlations.
It is precisely the sincere asking that opens the door to the next level of inquiry and understanding.

With this in mind, learn to ask the right questions, questions that really matter in your life, move beyond the questions just to please the mind.


The information given by guiding beings are not meant to make our heads fuller with facts, but to make our lives fuller with experience.

As we allow ourselves more and more to merge these worlds, we begin to remember more and more.
Keep this playful and open ... 

Feel the excitement in knowing that more and more is yet to come.
That this is far from all, that there is much more ahead, and that we can develop much further. This is infinite !
Visualize it, look forward to it, feel the passion!
This is a crucial key of this process !

Occasionally we hear from participants in our training programs that it doesn't go fast enough .... 'I want to be able to see more ...'.

Note ... this desire and eagerness is a strength and at the same time a pitfall.
In wanting more, we often overlook what is already there, when that is often what needs to be integrated before the next thing can come.
Of course it is much more fun to stack bricks and watch your house grow, but first there will have to be a foundation.

Desire and persistence where we want to be can therefore also become a brake on our process as soon as we are dissatisfied with where we are and actually aspire to be somewhere else in our development than where we actually are at that moment.

Consciously or unconsciously there is judgment or disapproval alive in our system, disappointment with ourselves, sometimes with feelings of 'not being able' or 'doing it wrong' or other sabotaging ideas.
And sometimes these feelings even come to the surface.

It is like a gift that one unwraps and it is not what one had hoped for.
Such disappointment actually carries the energy of disqualification of that which has been received.
And the disqualification makes us not really receive what we have been given, that we do not really take it in.

But suppose we want a car and we get a steering wheel. Isn't much use to us ... ?The next time the wheels come, still don't we have much use for that ?
Then comes the drive train, the brakes and so on and suddenly the realization dawns on us that we will have to put our car together ourselves.

We are not getting a standard vehicle that someone else made for us, we are building our own unique vehicle of which there is only one and which is completely tailored to us. There is no other like it.
All those parts are just steps in the process.

In the Essassani civilization, individual ships are built step by step with their Higher Mind, through crystallization of a metallic crystalline substance.
People in this civilization build their ships step by step together with their consciousness, and their physical ships thus become an extension of their consciousness.

They can do this because their Physical Mind and Higher Mind function as one.
For them, the physical worlds and the non-physical worlds are different aspects of the One, with different properties, but equally relevant and equally valuable.

This is where we are headed as well.
We are now in the phase of beginning to integrate our Physical Mind and our Higher Mind again, thereby bridging the "distance" between the physical worlds ( the domain of our Physical Mind) and the non-physical worlds ( the domain of our Higher Mind).

Once we begin to experience the physical worlds and the non-physical worlds as equally relevant, as having become one being with different properties and aspects, then we can literally manifest and interact with forms in our reality with our consciousness, just like the Essassani do ( as well as many other civilizations).

First we assemble our consciousness and with it we assemble our reality.
And this seems like fairy tale magic, but there have been several masters here on Earth that have shown that to us.

This is where we are going, step by step, for those who choose to do so.


Dear people,

After writing this newsletter, we discovered an enormous parallel with the great awakening process that we are experiencing as humanity, as a collective, and in which we are also seeing and bearing more and more Light, step by step.

And in which slowly but surely more and more correlations are becoming visible between the pieces of the puzzle that come out of the box.
We hope that this newsletter may inspire you in developing and sharing your own unique associations and perspectives !

Just like the facet eye of our insects that merges as many as 30,000 different perspectives into one image with a much wider field of view and which is ideally suited to perceive change.
What a wonderful metaphor of Mother Earth ... to properly anticipate change, it is best to operate from as many perspectives as possible!!!

Love each other and really hold on to each other over the next few months!
Hug each other and be there for each other.
For now, lots of love !!!
And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on this online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip

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