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Quantum Financial System
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Last Updated: 15 September 2022
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You may remember that in the last newsletter we described 3 short cryptic statements that Ezra'el, one of our extraterrestrial guides, gave sometime in the early 2020s, shortly prior to the physical manifestation of this grand transformation of our Earthly civilization.

One of the things he pointed out was " :


Now our minds have a kind of natural tendency for trying to give a meaning to this immediately. And that is super !

Let this process run its course, but realize that there is not one meaning, but that it contains many layers and aspects and therefore can have many meanings in very different contexts.
Ezrael has made statements more often that, years later, are still evolving in depth and meaning and recurring in all kinds of perspectives. The Tripple A is another one of those.

His statements are sometimes not so much ready-made information, but rather triggers for a process of consciousness regarding a certain theme.
And then sometimes it becomes very peculiar when such a quote suddenly enters our reality in an unexpected way.
In the past few months I have now seen a statement come by several times

'QFS is going to provide a level playing field...'.

QFS stands for Quantum Financial System.
And while I didn't think that Ezra'el's statement could (also) have this meaning, it was tempting enough to dive deeper into it.

No worries, we're not going to elaborate on the workings of the QFS as a financial system here, but it' truly worth delving into the consciousness aspect.
I'll take you back in time for a moment ... every month I get some kind of clue about the topic for the upcoming newsletter.
At that point I don't know much more, but that usually comes while I'm writing.
The clue usually also leads to an urge for more research for myself.

In last year's May newsletter, it was the 'Quantum Field' as a clue and I discovered the far-reaching technique that already exists to bring 'Earthly problems' into the Quantum Field and then extract solutions from this field ... the Quantum Computer as a physical expression in technology of something we actually do with our own consciousness.

The underlying model of a classical computer is a representation of our 'Physical Mind' (binary/linear/single outcome) while the operation of a Quantum computer is rather a reflection of our Higher Mind (countless possible outcomes each with a probability).

So in addition to being a topic about technology, it was also a topic about consciousness.

Bashar has said many times that we create these systems in order to understand ourselves ... once in the future we fully understand how they really work, that technology becomes obsolete and we develop new physical representations based on the consciousness we then have.

Thus we use physical reality to better understand our consciousness.
Many extraterrestrial civilizations are not only much more advanced in their consciousness, but also in their technology.

Their ships are even a fusion of technology and consciousness, and they control their ships with their consciousness !

Technology can only be developed when consciousness is able to conceive of it as an idea. The concept of the Quantum Computer was "conceived" in the 1970s, but it was not until 10 years ago that humans were sufficiently evolved to develop it in physical reality.

For this very reason, most extraterrestrial civilizations will be very reluctant to give us technology and will rather help us get ideas to develop our own technology with.

What we can observe so beautifully here is that the evolution of a civilization in physicality does not take place by leaving the "Physical Mind" towards the "Higher Mind" (which is more like displacing consciousness, rather than expansion), but by integration and connection (Reconnection) of these different layers of their consciousness.
This or that becomes this and that ... the separate parts become whole.

Quantum Financial System - Quantum Finance

<< image : the core of a quantum computer >>

Almost simultaneously with last May's newsletter, the QFS then also came to our attention and I discovered the development of a completely new financial system named as Stellar Network, using a coin named Stellar Lumen (=a unit for measuring the amount of light) that is already as good as ready and as a beta version (for public) already in use.

I experienced some resistance to the whole idea at first - still some active convictions about my old workplace environments - and asked my guide Ezra'el why this crossed our path.

He encouraged us to dive into this, not just informatively but actively. But with open heart and open mind, no matter what we would encounter.
It would give us completely new perspectives, learn to see possibilities and also provide the necessary experience for future community projects.

And indeed, a whole new world opened up for us here and we learned a lot about people, communities, trust, patience, the relationship between people and abundance ...
So I asked myself questions like :

- How are we to transform a society programmed to express the value of countries/companies/people in terms of financial/economic net worth?

- How do we move to the collective awareness that the greatest value lies within the human being himself, with a desire for expression of it?

Because oh-so often we hear people say 'soon in the new world money will no longer exist' and 'everyone will live in happiness, prosperity and love'.

But would this really happen by itself ?
Who is going to take care of that?
And what is stopping us from doing it already ?

Let's imagine that we would find a way to level the financial playing field for all ... A Financial Level Playing Field.
Where all continents, populations and individual people worldwide have equal access to the financial resources they need.

Then the concept of 'value based on possession' loses its power and value is determined by the 'value added' to the community.

Actually, you should stop reading now and feel the reversal in energy.
So in such a model the focus is no longer on what comes in (because what is needed is there) but on what goes out as contribution (expression).

Money (still) remains as a means of exchange but no longer has the power of manipulation because everyone has equal access to the (financial) resources needed.

The invitation is to seriously sit down and visualize how this changes the world - or slightly smaller, our society, or even slightly smaller, our personal lives - and what our contribution is going to be in that world.

Maybe you can't manage to get the idea into your imagination as a positive construct with high probability.
Maybe thoughts are going around now like :

- I have nothing to do with money, money shouldn't be necessary, money is the cause of ...
- then I'll do what I want ... done, first just ...
- I'll think about that when the time comes, first just ...
- this idea I don't believe at all...
- ...

Because of what has occurred over the past thousands of years, generation after generation, of lack, use and abuse of funds, a negative sentiment is very much alive in the minds of many, sometimes even with the idea that it is diametrically opposed to spiritual growth and awareness.
And it is precisely with this energy, this charge with which we are stuck with the existing reality.

During my own research in the past year, I have encountered in myself deep inside a disbelief that the world can change on this matter, although I too have longed for years for a world where things are completely different.
In working with it, I saw how stuck I was in "old financial beliefs" and could feel the abundance, but could not really believe it was there.

As we become more and more aware that our reality is a manifestation of our collective consciousness, then the same is true for this theme.
And it is worthwhile, especially now, to examine what our beliefs are that limit us, that hold us back from adding our value to the world.

Then we are talking about the value of ourselves that we add to the world rather than the value we have in monies or matter.

The thing that holds us back now often has to do with beliefs about our own value, sometimes lack of value, the idea of not being good enough, not deserving, needing to get better first, needing to ...


The introduction of such a new financial system with a level playing field is going to trigger an enormous healing process and bring about a giga shift in consciousness.

We create these systems in order to understand ourselves ...
In the future, when we have fully understood their operation, we will have made this technology obsolete and will develop new physical representations.

Until then we have a learning path to follow in our inner world, from scarcity and working for your own living (individual process aimed at survival) to innumerable possibilities and working together for community (collective process aimed at inheritance).

- How long will we need such a QFS ?
- How long will it take us to embrace a new system and trust that there are no snags there either ?
- How long will it take us to leave behind our fear of scarcity ?
- How long will it take us to realize that there is enough for everyone to do what is needed ?
- How long will it take us to realize that strength of a community is determined by seeing everyone's needed contribution as equal ?

It is extremely instructive to really feel that the current financial system is literally and figuratively broke and at the same time it is still so embedded in our personal system that we hardly dare to let it go.

And even if you don't feel the need to dive into the 'technical side' of the QFS, it is still very instructive to prepare ourselves by tuning in and imagining what is to come.

How our lives are going to change, how society is going to change, how the world is going to change.
How we are going to change.
And also ...

What this is like for people who have known poverty all their lives ?
How this is for people who have been on the edge of society all their lives ?
How does this work for people who have been at the top of society all their lives?
And so there are thousands of variants imaginable ...

Realizing that everything that comes into us in that process, everything that shows itself, is a reflection of ourselves, of our own consciousness.
In this process you encounter your most beautiful intentions and your ugliest judgments.


Another statement that Ezra'el made many years ago when I asked him how best to continue to grow in my consciousness, he said ...

If you want to make a Quantum Shift, you will have to be willing to let go of everything you think you know about yourself and about your reality.

Well, this statement too has taken on meaning for me in many ways, maybe something for another time, but I like to share it now in the context of the upcoming Quantum Financial Shift and letting go of everything we think we know about ourselves and our financial reality.

Because if we don't let go, we hold on to it, while this version of reality doesn't serve humanity as a collective (anymore).


Dear Friends,
This time the newsletter has a theme that may not be your favorite.
And that is often exactly where our growth lies ...

For us, the investigation within ourselves has given us a lot to see where we are still stuck in old system thinking.
We all have that and that is why it may to be held to the Light.

The idea is to inspire you to explore how these themes reveal themselves in your life and reality.
Ezra'el gives this theme for a reason, and the timing also seems relevant.
Frankly, there was some hesitation to bring this topic into the newsletter, but Ezra'els message was clear.

The development of a new system is amazingly well underway and some insiders claim that the system was developed by people on Earth, based on suggestions from beyond.

It is said that the Quantum Financial System has a kind of consciousness.
Something in us knows it, recognizes it, but we don't have proof or confirmation of it (yet).

Anyway, we hope this newsletter may inspire you in the development of your own unique perspective.

Love each other and hold on tight in the coming months!
Hug each other and be there for each other.
For now, lots of love!

And see you soon, in the flesh, at one of the online events and on the online community Human-ET One!
Jacqueline and Philip

Source : Newsletter May 2022 - ET-Healing.nl