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posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
Last Updated: 05 July 2019
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A healing by extraterrestrials, from another dimension by beings that are not visible to most people. Yes, sure.

That was my first thought when this phenomenon crossed my path.
And as an energetic healer, I wasn't unfamiliar with healing entities like angels.
Deep inside I felt that I had to go there anyway and my first introduction far exceeded my imagination. It all started with a workshop with Haggai Katz followed by an individual session.

I had never experienced this before. This was not comparable to any other form of healing. And from that point on I knew this is what I want to bring out into the world!

First Contact

During the first workshop with Haggai, he told me during the break that he sensed that I could also work with an alien team and that - if I so wished - I could come into contact with my communicator (say ET guide) during an individual session.
And so it was done. During the session the first contact was made and besides his name, words and images also came through. I described everything I got through and saw and Haggai verified it through his ET guide.
After the most of 'the noise' was removed from the line and the communication became clearer, the session was finished and since then the co-operation has been a fact, together with the ET's, Haggai and a number of other healers here in the Netherlands.
Meanwhile we have started a practice ourselves and jointly with my husband Philip and dear friend Manon we do individual ET-Healing sessions, ET-Contact experiences, ET-Contact workshops and ET-Contact retraites in the Netherlands and France.
The ET-healing sessions are often very impressive. Many people experience miraculous relief of their complaints within a couple of sessions after searching for help in the regular circuit for years.
The information that comes through from the ET's is also so incredibly accurate.

Who are these ETs?

The extraterrestrials indicate that they come from many galaxies and have teamed up in a kind of federation and from there formed medical teams that have trained themselves for decades to work with the human body. Many of these extraterrestrials have had one or more incarnations on Earth. They come from Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades, among others, but also from about 50 other galaxies, some of which have not yet been discovered by man or are simply not visible from our reality because of their frequency.

I experience these extraterrestrials as very loving, patient, understanding (they seem to understand how difficult it can be here on Earth) and extraordinarily respectful when it comes to our free will.
They will never interfere with our free will and our choices, even if we ourselves are not aware of them. Even when we allow them, they won't cross that line for they understand it is not for our highest good, so in the end it is not of benefit for them.
If, for instance, before incarnation, a soul has chosen to experience a particular aspect in this life, then the extraterrestrials will not carry out any treatment that could disrupt this process, even if the person specifically asks for it.
Sometimes the ETs want to lighten the process or the experience, but they respect the choice of the soul.

The ETs are clear that our health, happiness and spiritual growth are also in their interest. The whole Universe is connected to each other and what happens here on Earth affects the whole Universe.
They illustrate that if our liver does not function properly, it is not just a problem for the liver, it affects the whole body. In the same way everything that happens here is affecting everything 'out there'.

What can they heal?

It will not come as a surprise that the extraterrestrials are at the forefront of technological development when you consider that they are coming from thousands of light years away and only need a few Earthly weeks to do so.

It is a bit more difficult to understand how they can do healings from another dimension with very advanced equipment, which most people can't see. The ETs indicate that they mainly work on our astral and energetic bodies and that these bodies are very easy to work with in their reality. They also have the knowledge and possibilities to bring physical parts to their dimension energetically and to continue working there.
People may experience this as the local disappearance of gravity in places in the body.

They can help people with physical problems as well as emotional, mental and even spiritual blockages. Even if it requires the healing of fragments from previous lives or connections to that.

And at the same time they indicate that they too are still learning and are not able to do everything. They have gained a lot of knowledge and experience about the building blocks of life, the DNA and all the processes that make life possible and indicate that the human body is one of the most beautiful and complex creations they are aware of and are still improving their techniques and equipment to be of assistance to us.

We are already at the end of this column and there is so much to tell. But even more important to you is perhaps experiencing it.

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