From Polarity to Trinity

posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
Last Updated: 15 September 2022
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First of all ...

... We wish you the very best wishes for 2022 !!!

Our wish is to make it a year of friendship, connection and reunion together !

The year 2022 has the potential to be a year of strong polarities.
Sometimes we experience polarities as a problem, but as we come to understand the mechanics better, polarity is actually a great aspect of our Universe because it enables creation, life and experience.

Without polarity there is no movement, without movement there is no change and without change everything is static.
This principle can be found at every level, from micro to macro.
It is upon this principle, for example, that our bodies function.
We experience a kind of continuity of our body, while it is constantly breaking down and building up and it is kept in balance by polarity of processes (absorption/excretion, inhalation/exhalation, ...) and health is maintained, in other words a state of homeostasis.

Our body (nature in general) constantly uses polar processes to remain in balance as a whole, in homeostasis, in the midst of constantly changing environmental factors which on their level also constantly use polar processes (day/night, summer/winter ...) to remain in balance as a greater whole.
The principle does not just work on one specific aspect, the entire Universe works on this principle in a large holographic, fractal-like manner.

In the Universe, both poles are of equal importance and all creations that arise from them are equally valid, which ultimately makes this balance possible. If one of the poles were more important than the other, the Universe would eventually tilt and it would not be able to continue to exist.

During our attunements to 2022 we are constantly being given signals about 'the Power of Paradox', the Trinity, 'confusion' and how these elements can help or hinder us (in itself also a polarity) by staying or not staying in our balance point.
And also the word 'pole-shift' is constantly brought to our attention.

To start with the latter, I do not exclude that we as a collective can manifest a literal pole-shift in our physical reality, but at the moment I feel it is mainly meant as a pole shift in the collective consciousness.

And by that I mean that we can begin to feel not only more vision, but also real understanding and even gratitude for the opposing pole.
Note that this shift of perception is not the same as approval, for realize that approval and disapproval are again aspects of polarity.
As long as we are in a state of condemnation or judgment or approval, we are experiencing reality from one of the poles, and by definition, balance and integration is not possible. So, stopping disapproving of something is not the same as now approving of that same thing.

This is what the Trinity Point is about, the balance point, the midpoint.
Did you ever notice that in the Trident (Trishula) of Lord Shiva (the great transformer) the two polar teeth are smaller than the largest tooth in the middle, in the balance point ?
It shows "the Power of Paradox" in which both poles are equally valuable in the process and the power is found in the balance point.

The process of letting go of judgment and beginning to recognize the value of the opposite pole will be accompanied by tremendous confusion in the beginning.
Often we are stuck in one of the poles thinking that this is 'the one true perspective' and the dawning realization of the value (truth) of the opposite pole is extremely confusing to the 'physical mind' which in its linear thinking wants to keep distinctions.


As one Bashar so beautifully says ... 'confusion leads to co-fusion'.
Confusion is what we call it, but it originally meant bringing together, mixing together, pouring together.
If we can allow confusion, different realities come together and mix ... co-fusion ... integration.

The function of the 'Physical Mind' is to anchor us in a version of physical reality that is relevant to us.
Therefore, confusion is really not pleasant for the 'Physical Mind' because it likes to have certainty about which reality is 'true', but for our transformation process it is necessary to detach from a reality that no longer resonates with our highest good.

Judging and condemning actually makes us connect to a reality we don't want. This is another essential Paradox to understand.
Judgment is about something that really shouldn't be there or is disapproved of in the hope that it will disappear or change because of the disapproval.
It is a mechanism of keeping things at a distance, disconnection and is triggered by a deeper fear within us by the appearance of that very thing in your reality.

So, by the appearance of something in our reality that we disapprove of, we actually want it to disappear or change, but is also a denial that that thing has already manifested in your reality and therefore already exists.
Denying and/or disapproving does not really make much sense anymore ... We will not win a battle with the Universe concerning a manifestation.
In fact, because of the frequency we adopt in the process of rejection, we keep ourselves trapped in the reality we just rejected.
Judgments tend to lock down processes and to fix situations.


Confusion can therefore be very helpful in letting go so that new perspectives can emerge and our fears can be seen if we allow ourselves to do so.
For it takes a certain courage to shine a light on your own fears and judgments, even if the rewards for doing so are extraordinary.

In the process of confusion, the Trinity of the mind also plays a central role.
The Physical Mind (analysis, differentiation, separation), the Higher Mind (connection with the Universe) and the Heart Mind where the integration to inner knowing takes place in an alchemical process of co-fusion.
The heart, the balance point where the Cosmic (Yang) and Earth (Yin) energies come together, fuse and feed all our creations in physical reality.

2022, a Trinity of Two ... it will be a very special year with many challenges !!!
We wish everyone an extraordinary year of growth and confusion !!!

Dear all,

The topic of polarity has many perspectives and we all have our own way and timing of dealing with these themes.
This newsletter offers one perspective, but there are many other valuable perspectives !

We hope it will inspire you to develop your own new perspectives.
We would love to hear from you if you have an exciting question or positive input for a future newsletter !
You are most welcome ...

We wish everyone lots of love and wisdom
and let's build bridges
from one side to the other
let's connect the shores
and watch together on the middle of the bridge
enjoying the flowing waters of life

Love each other and hold each other close for the upcoming months!
For now, lots of love!

And see you soon, in person, at one of the online events and on our online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip

Source : ET-Healing Newsletter Januari 2022