Mahatma Ghandi - Foregiveness is the attribute of the strong
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Last Updated: 14 September 2022
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The April 2020 newsletter centered on the theme :
Suppose 'everything' gets a reset, would we then choose to do the same thing all over again and kind of rebuild the same world ?
In other words .... would we go back to the way things were ?

Presumably the answer, for many people, with all the experiences and wisdom gained, is different now than it was two years ago.
This is growth! This is transformation !

We are very happy with people who have a completely new vision and ideas for a new world !

However, before we can really start building a new world, we will have to detach from the world as it is now and consciously detach from the patterns we have made our own in this world.
Without changing our unconscious patterns, we will unconsciously and unintentionally shape the new world in the same way.

This is an intense and an internal process ... we all have huge amounts of anchors in 'the old world' and until we are aware of them, we are not free to move in a new direction without re-creating the existing reality.

Imagine if we lived every moment 100% in the 'now', then not only would we no longer need memories, our memories would no longer hinder us from truly being who we are in essence.
If we can be 100% in the now, then neither the past nor the future matters ... we are then living entirely on the basis of synchronicity.

Right now, our freedom and joy to go in completely new directions is still limited by a strong attachment to our past and therefore the past determines (and repeats) the future.

In this newsletter we want to shine a little light on a specific aspect that may become very relevant in the coming year when it comes to letting go of the past, namely .... forgiveness.
A theme that could become big in both scope and depth.

Letting go of the insistence that the past should have been different

One description I've read for forgiveness is "Letting go of the insistence that the past should have been different."
It is ending an inner struggle over a reality as it has been experienced.forgiveness-nelson-mandela-there-is-no-future-without-forgiveness.jpg

Sometimes we hear or say:
"I just don't understand how they could be like that!" or
"How could they do this to me/us?" or
"They need to apologize first before I/we can move on."
"I want to have justice or see retribution first before I ..."

After an event or series of events in which our integrity has been violated, the primary reaction will come in the form of anger and sadness.
This is a natural mechanism to cleanse our system of negative energies. These negative energies seek a way out. This is necessary.

Sometimes we may become stuck in this anger when something bad has happened to us or when we feel we have been wronged.

To forgive is to let go of what we are angry or sad about, to stop holding on to the resentment we hold toward others we hold responsible.
It can even be resentment that we direct at ourselves when we ourselves are "the responsible one.

Remaining stuck in anger does immense damage to us in the long run and our feelings of hurt and disappointment increase as time passes.
It ultimately solves nothing. Nothing changes about what happened in the past; instead everything changes in our lives today.
And even though we know this, sometimes it still feels justified to remain angry or resentful, even if it keeps us away from our own health and happiness.

Often we hold on to anger, hurt and frustration until the other person says "sorry" - if that ever (sincerely) happens.
For this reason, we cannot let the happiness for the rest of our lives depend on the other person's excuses.

Forgiveness is not something we offer others; it is a gift we give ourselves!
It is about letting go of our pain and the condition of first getting our right.
Once we allow ourselves this, we can begin to move on with our lives - regardless of whether we ever receive an apology or compensation.

Although forgiveness is sometimes perceived as condoning something that cannot be condoned, the opposite is true.
Forgiving does not mean that there are no consequences for the one (even if that is us) who is forgiven.

Forgiveness is not an approval of what happened.
Forgiveness is not a substitute for justice.
Forgiveness is not a waiver of responsibility or liability.

Forgiveness is about healing our own emotional wounds and releasing emotional anchors to the past. It is independent of the other, or rather, we detach ourselves from the other.
In essence, we detach from a timeline.

This process is about taking responsibility for ourselves and at the same time placing the responsibility that is not ours where it belongs.

We are responsible for our own hearts, our own well-being, our own health and our own actions; others are still and always responsible for their actions.

So forgiveness at its core is about taking back the power we have given away through our wounds to those who inflicted them.
Therefore, forgiveness is not something we do for another person; we do it for ourselves.

But sometimes the anger and resentment is so great that it seems impossible.
At that stage it may not be possible to forgive and this energy of anger needs to be let out of the system first. Do not condemn this.

Just expressing the intention to someday explore the possibility of forgiveness is enough to start the healing process and move the process in a productive direction.

Forgiveness is a conscious decision to reframe an event or person, to bring it into a different perspective for ourselves so that we no longer have to live with the pain in our memory and the meaning it holds for us.

Note ... the purpose of forgiveness is not to forget (and certainly not deny) what happened !
It is a choice to create a new, more positive perception and a new way of remembering something you learned through pain or mistakes. Initially, feelings about the situation may become more neutral and may even eventually lead to positive insights.

The moment when realizing that our true strength lies not in harboring resentment toward a point back in the old time( line), but in releasing the anchors by offering forgiveness to ourselves and others, is the moment when we bring ourselves back into the now and free ourselves to enter a new reality!

To forgive is to set ourselves free ...

forgiveness-Desmond-Tutu-forgiveness-is-not -forgetting

Without forgiveness, we remain tethered to the person who harmed us.

We are bound with chains of bitterness, tied together, trapped.

Until we can forgive the person who harmed us, they will hold the keys to our hapiness.
They will be our jailor.

- Desmond Tutu -



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Dear people,

The subject of forgiveness is complex and has many layers and perspectives .
We all have our own way and timing to address this kind of topic.
This newsletter gives one perspective and at the same time there are many other valuable perspectives !

Perhaps this newsletter will inspire you to forgive yourself or some one else the things that happend in the past.
Maybe this newsletter isn't even so much about you, but will shed some light on a process involving another person trying to forgive themselves and you can offer a neutral listening ear.

Forgiveness is certainly not an easy process and we hope that as many lightworkers as possible are prepared for the task ahead for the healing processes of many people.

We hope that this newsletter may inspire you in the development of your own unique perspective.
So that from the core you may carry your unique Light and shine it into the world.

We wish everyone much love and wisdom

and let us build bridges
from one side to the other
let us connect the banks
and together watch, on the middle of the bridge
at the waters as the flow of life

Love each other and hold each other close in the coming months!
Hug each other and be there for each other.
For now, lots of love !!!

And see you soon, in the flesh, at one of the online events and on this online community Human-ET One!

Jacqueline and Philip

Source : Newsletter Feb 2022