ExtraTerrestrial Guide of Janet Ossebaard

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Last Updated: 04 January 2023
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My Extraterrestrial Guide: Myrna

Myrna was assigned to me as an extraterrestrial guide. This sweet treasure was still young (only 125 springs) and seemed somewhat timid in the direct contact with me. I couldn't sense her, nor could I see her. I only saw her face and profile in a flash once, and I was happy with that: she was far from being human, I'd say.
And the softness of her nature on one hand was wonderful to experience and at the same time it also worried me a little. Rightly so, as would appear later.

Last week was intense, to say the least. Every time I tried to make contact with Myrna, it was very silent. However, the synchronicities did accumulate at an unusually fast pace, which I attributed to her presence.
But because of the lack of direct contact, I didn't feel the urge to 'spontaneously heal innocent passers-by'.
It also seemed as if my interest had disappeared a little.
Once I tried to give my dog Claudy an ET-healing session, after which I myself slept for three days.
Funny ... no changes for the dog, boss exhausted. Somewhere something was wrong here.

Sunday September 6th : Janet Ossebaard on benefit event Earth Matters

I participate in the Benefits Day of Earth Matters in Haren, right south of Groningen. I will be giving a presentation about ancient Egypt and the crop circle makers, and I have hired a table all day to sell my crop circle stuff.
Next to me is Céline with a table full of raw-food products and... medicinal cannabis oil !!

I had heard and read a lot about that. It can cure everything from cancer to MS and Epilepsy!
I buy a bottle and start to drip enthusiastically.
Not that I am ill, but more so of 'If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't harm'. Big mistake.

After four days I take stock.
I am finished, broken, exhausted, wrung out, dilapidated.
My nights are disastrous: nightmares in which war, quarrels, shouts and tormenting take place at a rapid pace.
My body drags itself through the day, my hands shake, I start smoking again, and I stop eating.
A strange feeling of unrest and insecurity has taken hold of me. I feel like a hunted animal.

I tell my friend Ans who says dryly, "You would better stop those drops.
Surprisedly, I cried out, "What? Those few drops per day, that can't be the cause, can it?

But the coincidence is big, I have to admit: 4 days drip, 4 days not myself.
Mmm... I conclude the experiment with the statement: Cannabis should be smoked, not dripped.

Three days pass by. My body works hard to secrete the substance.
I feel like I'm kicking off morphine: sweating, restless, trembling, short wick.
What is this ? Those few drops? 

Free will or not

Just as I think: "Now I have had the worst", it happens. It is Monday, 4 pm.
An enormous fatigue sets in, washes over me like a tidal wave.
I lie down on my bed and I sink into a kind of twilight zone.
It feels like I'm floating between two dimensions; on the one hand I'm just awake and know what's happening, but on the other hand it's like I'm dreaming.
I hear voices and try to make something meaningful out of them.
Although I'm on the threshold of sleep, sometimes there's something in between those voices that reminds me of everyday life.

I try to concentrate to hear if Myrna is whispering anything in my ear.
But the voices seem to be completely arbitrary. Instead of continuing to slip into the sleep dimension, I get stuck somewhere.
Although this seemed interesting at first, it is becoming increasingly unpleasant.
The voices get louder, they start shouting. Conflict, anger!
I try to get out, because some parts of me have noticed that I'm just lying in bed, but I can't seem to get out here.
I experience a kind of 'sleep paralysis', I can't move, I can't make any noise, I feel like a prisoner in my own body.

My dog Claudy wakes me up at 18:00.
She has realised that something is wrong. I feel horrible but I can't move yet.
It takes almost half an hour before I regain some control over my body.

Alien bouncer cleans up

I app Jacqueline, who has introduced me to the whole ET healing experience.
Fortunately, she reacts immediately and turns on her ET Guide.

An ET-Guide - just for the sake of clarity - is the interpreter between the ET-healer, the client and the extraterrestrial team.
He/she ensures that no other entities can pass through and takes care of the communication between the ET-healer and the ET team.
A kind of extraterrestrial bouncer so to speak. Well-intentioned doctors in it, malevolent entities out. Simple and very effective.

Jacqueline's ET-guide shows what's going on: intruders.
The cannabis oil has opened up channels that have allowed creatures from other regions of the universe to easily come into contact with me.
They hooked on to parts of me that has a similar frequency and thereby enforced those parts. Those weaker parts of me normally already cost a lot of energy and because of their attachment this is enforced enormously and you are then completely emptied.

They had also placed some kind of connector so they could easily keep making this contact, even if I didn't take cannabis oil to me anymore!
I was, so to speak, bothered by parasites!
And Myrna? Traceless.

Jacqueline's Guide puts things in order: the entities are kicked out, my channels are closed a bit more, white light around it is ready, like new again!
Myrna is asked and it turns out she had pulled out, panicked by this overdose of extraterrestrial Hell's Angels. Poor treasure. I can imagine hearing it. It was quite intense.
But I would have liked it if she had been here when I felt I needed her protection.

My mind is made up

The next day I walk through the forest with our friend Dries and our two dogs. I am telling him about the last few days.
Then Dries sees a beautiful large feather of a buzzard.
He picks it up and calls out enthusiastically: "Look how beautiful it is!"After which he throws it up.

Instead of a graceful smooth downward movement, the feather turns around in the air and in a fraction of a second it drills with the point in my third eye. Wham! As I exclaimed, "Well, this kind of a week it was!"

But then I didn't know yet that I was given a clear indication here to have a look at my third eye.

The day before yesterday, I was at Jacqueline's home for another ET-healing, for safety's sake.
I have taken a serious decision: I want a different ET-guide.
One with balls. One that remains 'when the going gets tough'. I want a strong guide.
And if that is not possible or allowed, then I will stop practising ET-Healing.
And no longer be an ET-Healer.

During the beautiful ET-Healing session with Jacqueline and her extraterrestrial guide Joël and a team of extraterrestrial beings, they look at my third eye: there is something that doesn't belong here. It turns out to be a kind of filter, probably inserted by the same entities to surreptitiously have some kind of input.

When the ET's are certain that everything is OK, I ask my question. Can I have another Guide?
Immediately to the right I feel a powerful energy appear. He has a lot of experience, I feel that it is good.
I see letters: two a's and a j(-sound).

An, Anj ...... I was never good at numbers & letters, so Jacqueline reveals it: Andreas.
I feel so delighted inside! The power I couldn't feel with Myrna, with all due respect, I feel so good with Andreas.
So I say goodbye to Myrna in all love. She thanks me and joins the team again.

With Andreas I feel confident to move mountains!
Straightaway Jacqueline proposes to join her husband Philip for an ET-Healing session with me as an ET-Healer, Andreas as a guide and the ET teams together. Everything flows.
I know exactly what to do, where to stand, my hands move automatically. It gets enormously warm, my hands tingling with the energy that flows out of it and flows towards Philip's body.

The images and information I get are confirmed by Jacqueline's words.
I feel like I'm dancing, it's so natural, so nice and at the same time so normal!

The quietness has returned

Again I am completely the old one. Or maybe also a bit of the new one?
In any case, I am shining again. I eat healthy again, I don't smoke anymore, I sleep well, dream normal, have energy again and can laugh again.
I feel calm and happy again, the hunted animal is gone.

In the coming period I will be doing ET healing sessions every week together with Jacqueline.
Enough volunteers! And as soon as I feel 100% sure I go outside with it, out into the world.

Life is beautiful again.

Report of Janet Ossebaard