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Since our being a practice from 2014 onwards, we have not experienced a situation where we or others have been in conflict or even dissatisfied.
We are very grateful for the fact that we have now been able and allowed to help so many people with the wonderful healing work we do and certainly not to forget the contact we have been privileged to make with helpers from other dimensions during our sessions and events for ourselves and on behalf of our clients.

Although we do this work out of our full passion there is of course always the possibility that situations arise that were not intended by us, but that may nevertheless lead others to decide to take steps.
Clarifying the commitment made when booking an appointment for a session or participating in an event is equally good for both us and our clients.
For situations in which things may lean otherwise than intended, it is important to provide clarity for mutual rights and obligations.





  1. No treatment at the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF may replace treatment by your physician.
    If applicable, Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF will direct you back to your doctor. 
  1. If, for any reason, you want to phase out medicines, this can and should only be done in consultation with your doctor.
    Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF does not provide a diagnosis or advice on your medication or treatment. 
  1. Your participation in our lectures, workshops, retreats, healing sessions, training programs or other activities implies that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

Article 1. Definitions

- The therapist/healer/practice: Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF under the leadership of Jacqueline Fiolet and Philip Fiolet.
- The client: the other party to Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF.
- Provided activities/services: lectures, workshops, retreats, healing sessions, training programmes or other activities carried out or provided by the therapist/healer/practice on behalf of the client.
- Treatment plan: an agreement concerning several separate transactions and/or an agreement from which separate transactions arise during a longer period of time. 

Article 2. Applicability

All agreements between the therapist/healer/practice on the one hand and the client on the other hand are exclusively subject to these General Terms and Conditions, with the explicit exclusion of other General Terms and Conditions.
Acceptance of an agreement or the conclusion and/or continuation of an agreement in any other way implies that the client has accepted the application of the General Terms and Conditions and waives the applicability of any other general terms and conditions that may apply to the client.
Exceptions to these General Terms and Conditions will only be in effect if confirmed in writing by the therapist/healer/practice. In that case

Article 3. Realisation and amendment of an agreement

An agreement can apply to a treatment plan as well as to individual transactions.
An agreement between the therapist/healer/practice and the client is concluded by a written acceptance of the price agreement by the client or an verbal confirmation of an individual consultation.
In case an acceptance of an agreement contains restrictions and/or changes, the agreement will only be concluded after the therapist/healer/practice has agreed to these restrictions and/or changes through written agreement.
Changes or additions to the agreement will only be made after both parties have confirmed them in writing or verbally in the case of an individual consultation. 

Article 4. Duration and termination of the agreement

Unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement, the agreement shall be contracted for the duration of a process or individual operations, in consultation between both parties.
At the end of the agreed contract period, the agreement may be extended by mutual agreement between the two parties.
Each of the parties is, without any prejudice to the right to compensation of costs, damage and interest, entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect by registered letter without judicial intervention if:

- The other party has not fulfilled one or more of its obligations and has failed to fulfil its obligations within the time set for it for fulfillment, unless the shortcoming(s) is (are) of such a nature or minor importance that it does not reasonably justify dissolution.
- For the other party, bankruptcy or suspension of payments is applied for or granted, or measures are taken that indicate the termination or cessation of the company. 

Article 5. Cancellation

Cancellation of appointments for individual persons resulting from an agreement must take place no later than 48 hours before the agreed time.
A replacement by another person, arranged by the client, will not be considered as a cancellation.

The following cancellation conditions apply to the cancellation of consultations:
- In the event of cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of a consultation, the client will not be charged any costs.
- In case of cancellation 24 hours before the start of a consultation, the client will be charged 50% of the amount for the consultation.
- In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the start of a consultation, the client will be charged 100% of the amount for the consultation.

If a consultation at the request of a client is postponed to a later date, the client is in case of a rescheduling:
- Up to 48 hours before the start of the consultation, no costs will be charged
- Within 48 hours before the start of the consultation 50% of the amount will be charged
- within 24 hours before the start of the consultation, the full amount will be charged

If cancellation does not take place or takes place too late, the therapist/healer/practice is entitled to charge the relevant service(s) in full with the right to payment of all costs incurred by him/her in this respect.
The therapist/healer/practice is reasonably entitled to change an already planned appointment with regard to the time of day.
In that case, (s)he must also make this known at least 48 hours before the agreed time, whereby the most favourable travel time for the client will be adhered to.

Article 6. Secrecy, management of files and right of inspection

The therapist/healer/practice will treat all information concerning the client that he/she obtains in the provision of his/her services confidentially and will not make this information available to third parties, except in so far as the therapist/healer/practice is obliged to do so or the therapist/healer/practice has obtained permission from the client. 

Article 7. Fees

The fees for consultations or individual transactions are based on the most recent price list.

Article 8. Billing and payment

Services for private patient/clients must be paid for by the latter immediately after the services have been provided to the therapist/healer/practice in exchange for a receipt.
Services for patient/clients other than private individuals will be charged by the therapist/healer/practice in accordance with the agreement by means of an invoice. 

Invoicing will take place on the basis of the fees and the number of transactions agreed between the parties at the start of the service provision.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the non-private client must pay the therapist/healer/practice without any recourse to set-off within 14 days of the invoice date. 

If the term of payment is exceeded, the client is in breach without any notice of that fact being required.
The therapist/healer/practice is entitled to suspend his/her obligations to provide services with effect from the date on which the payment term has expired.
The therapist/healer/practice will inform the client in a timely manner of the aforementioned suspension of his/her services.

As from the aforementioned date, the client is indebted to pay the statutory interest on the outstanding amount.
Furthermore, all extrajudicial collection costs shall be for the account of the client.
Collection costs include the costs of lawyers, bailiffs and collection agencies, determined in accordance with the applicable or customary rates. 

Article 9. Downpayment and instalment payment

In the event of registration for a multi-day event or programme, a downpayment may be requested in advance in order to finalise the registration for participation.
This downpayment is non-refundable, except in the case of :
- serious and verifiable illness of the participant
- death in the family of the participant
- cancellation of the multi-day event or programme by the organisation

No interest will be paid to the participant on the downpayment.

In the event of a multi-day event or programme, the parties can mutually agree in advance on a instalment payment.
In that cae the invoice outlines the parts in which the payments can be done as well as the day(s) to which those parts relate.
The payment of each instalment must have taken place before the relevant day(s) to which this payment relates, as stated on the invoice. 

If a payment in instalments has been agreed in advance, the obligation to pay the full amount remains at all times, even if the participant chooses later not to attend (parts of) one or more days of the multi-day event or programme.
On the installments no interest is charged to the participant. 

Article 10. Liability

In the execution of the services of the therapist/healer/practice there is an obligation to perform to the best of one's ability.

The therapist/healer/practice does not issue any medical guarantee in any way, nor is he/she liable in any way for medical complications that occur at the time of or after the execution of his/her services for the client, which cannot be attributed to a serious accountable shortcoming of the therapist/healer/practice.

The therapist/healer/practice is in no way liable for any consequential damage.
The therapist/healer/practice is not liable for any damage resulting from the fact that the client has not properly followed the verbal or written advice given by the therapist/healer/practice.
The liability of the therapist/healer/practice for damage resulting from the services provided by him/her - possibly with the involvement of non-subordinates - is limited to a maximum of the costs of a consultation.
In all cases, any liability of the therapist/healer/practice is limited to the amount charged to the client.

The client is obliged to take all precautions necessary to limit the damage for which he/she wishes to hold the therapist/healer/practice liable. 

Article 11. Applicable law and disputes

The services of the therapist/healer/practice are governed by Dutch law.
In disputes arising from or related to the services of the therapist/healer/practice that fall within the jurisdiction of the court, the court has exclusive jurisdiction. 

Article 12. Complaint Procedure

Within the framework of the Wkkgz (Dutch legislation), the therapist/healer/practice is affiliated with the NIBIG (
In the event of a dispute or complaint regarding the services of the therapist/healer/practice, the client can make use of the complaint procedure, as required by law according to the Wkkgz.
In the first instance, complaints could be made known verbally.
If these consultations do not lead to a solution that is acceptable to both parties, the complaint will have to be submitted again in writing to the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF.
Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF is obliged to come up with a proposal for a solution within two weeks.

If this does not lead to a mutually acceptable solution, the complaint will again have to be submitted in writing to the complaints officer of NIBIG.
This official is independent and shall strive to resolve the dispute through mediation. This mediation is provided at no cost to the client.

If the complaint cannot be resolved to the client's satisfaction, the client is entitled to submit the complaint as a dispute to an acknowledged Dispute Settlement Body.
The client can contact Stichting Zorggeschil (the Health Care Disputes Foundation) for this purpose (
Stichting Zorggeschil has been recognised by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. 

The client has the possibility to submit a complaint directly to the Disputes Settlement Body if (s)he holds the opinion that in the given circumstances no proper communication with the therapist/healer/practice is possible.



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