Trees for All

Beyond Medicine - Trees for All

Heal the World, heal Yourself

We all are facing the consequences of deforestation and climate change, both globally and in the Netherlands.
And attention to our personal health is invaluable, as is attention to the health of our nature.
Because we are an integral part of nature, we are nature, we are made by nature, we are sustained by nature and we revert back to nature.
Even though nature is 'cultivated', everything in our physical body is built on the same foundation, with the same building blocks and with the same building materials, just like nature.

As we have known for a long time ... everything is connected.
On an energetic level, on a consciousness level, and it is also becoming more and more clear that all ecosystems are interconnected.
Just as we can see our bodies as an ecosystem in which all subsystems interact with each other, so our bodies also interact with our ecosystems.
Caring for the world's ecosystems is also caring for yourself.

That is why we support projects in restoring ecosystems, close to home and around the world by planting trees.
In the Netherlands, we support projects aimed at restoring forests and greening our country by expanding the forest cover.
In international projects such as in Uganda, Bolivia and Costa Rica, we support projects in restoring tropical forests and planting new ones, working together with the local population who will also be provided with a sustainable livelihood.
More information can be found on Trees for All

Our contribution

Our Healing Centre Beyond Medicine practice is happy to help heal our ecosystems by making an annual donation to Trees for All of €1 for each individual ET-Healing session we did that year and €1 for each annual membership to the online community Human-ET One.