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This site is offered under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
It is free to republish anything as long as the original attribution is included (https://ethealing.nl) and all links remain intact.

Our vision on Copyright

A lot of times we hear the call of people for 'disclosure' and the wish that governments, or perhaps the 'forces' behind governments, will finally open up about the existence of extraterrestrial presence and the existence of (extraterrestrial) technologies that could change our society forever.
Technologies with which clean energy sources could be implemented in 'no-time', hunger and poverty could disappear, pollution and exploitation of our Earth would become a thing of the past and there would no longer be any need for war.
A world in which the idea of 'shortages' no longer exists and there is plenty of room for development and growth instead of survival.
A world based on 'expansion' instead of 'contraction'.

The remarkable thing is that what we expect from our governments, we can do ourselves.
In fact, we as a population have more or less adopted the behaviour of 'not sharing openly'.

Copyright is one such example.
Imagine that everyone makes all his/her knowledge and discoveries freely available ...
How long would it take before we developed free energy generators?
How long would it take for all the diseases in the world to be eradicated?

As a matter of fact, we all participate a little in the secrecy of knowledge and information.
Either because we want to, or because it is imposed on us and we follow it up because we fear the consequences.

Copyright is intended to restrict the use of information by others and to allow them to use it only with the approval and under agreed conditions of the 'source' of the information so that this source can gain merit.
This is a very understandable mechanism in our 3D world based on scarcity, but in an open, free world it is actually a completely unnecessary system.This is a very understandable mechanism.

We acknowledge that the mechanism still has a function in our world.
And at the same time, we are willing to make a first step to a different world.

This is why we are offering all material on this web site under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
Which,  translated quite freely, means that the material may be reused provided that it is referenced to our website as the source of the information, that it is not modified (or submitted for approval first) and that it is not used for commercial purposes.

Eye Opener

Imagine the extra-terrestrial spacecraft landing here with technology that could take our civilization a giant leap forward in the way we live and work together.
But that we are not allowed to use any of it because they have copyrighted it or only and under certain conditions if we pay them for it first.
That would be a huge disappointment to most people regarding the nature of the relationship we would like to have with these civilizations.
So if we now expect in a relationship with other, more advanced civilizations, a freedom in which knowledge and information is shared with us, why should we, as human beings, keep information to ourselves instead of sharing it freely with each other?


Bashar on Patents and Copyrights

We have, on our planet, for inventors, patents and for artists, copyrights.
Is this something that you see eventually disappearing?
And for those of us now who are interacting at this level, what do you recommend – pursuing things like that?
And will this change around the transitional gate of 2011 - 2013?

Yes, we recommend that you maintain the integrity of the system that recognizes the idea of origination at this time.
Eventually it will be unnecessary because the recognition of origination will be innate and natural and will not require the idea of structure of law to enforce it, and certain things will also be shared in a number of ways that will also make it unnecessary in certain circumstances.
It will begin in that time frame and continue on for, again perhaps, another decade or so and then it will cease as a system.

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Since our being a practice from 2014 onwards, we have not experienced a situation where we or others have been in conflict or even dissatisfied.
We are very grateful for the fact that we have now been able and allowed to help so many people with the wonderful healing work we do and certainly not to forget the contact we have been privileged to make with helpers from other dimensions during our sessions and events for ourselves and on behalf of our clients.

Although we do this work out of our full passion there is of course always the possibility that situations arise that were not intended by us, but that may nevertheless lead others to decide to take steps.
Clarifying the commitment made when booking an appointment for a session or participating in an event is equally good for both us and our clients.
For situations in which things may lean otherwise than intended, it is important to provide clarity for mutual rights and obligations.





  1. No treatment at the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF may replace treatment by your physician.
    If applicable, Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF will direct you back to your doctor. 
  1. If, for any reason, you want to phase out medicines, this can and should only be done in consultation with your doctor.
    Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF does not provide a diagnosis or advice on your medication or treatment. 
  1. Your participation in our lectures, workshops, retreats, healing sessions, training programs or other activities implies that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

Article 1. Definitions

- The therapist/healer/practice: Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF under the leadership of Jacqueline Fiolet and Philip Fiolet.
- The client: the other party to Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF.
- Provided activities/services: lectures, workshops, retreats, healing sessions, training programmes or other activities carried out or provided by the therapist/healer/practice on behalf of the client.
- Treatment plan: an agreement concerning several separate transactions and/or an agreement from which separate transactions arise during a longer period of time. 

Article 2. Applicability

All agreements between the therapist/healer/practice on the one hand and the client on the other hand are exclusively subject to these General Terms and Conditions, with the explicit exclusion of other General Terms and Conditions.
Acceptance of an agreement or the conclusion and/or continuation of an agreement in any other way implies that the client has accepted the application of the General Terms and Conditions and waives the applicability of any other general terms and conditions that may apply to the client.
Exceptions to these General Terms and Conditions will only be in effect if confirmed in writing by the therapist/healer/practice. In that case

Article 3. Realisation and amendment of an agreement

An agreement can apply to a treatment plan as well as to individual transactions.
An agreement between the therapist/healer/practice and the client is concluded by a written acceptance of the price agreement by the client or an verbal confirmation of an individual consultation.
In case an acceptance of an agreement contains restrictions and/or changes, the agreement will only be concluded after the therapist/healer/practice has agreed to these restrictions and/or changes through written agreement.
Changes or additions to the agreement will only be made after both parties have confirmed them in writing or verbally in the case of an individual consultation. 

Article 4. Duration and termination of the agreement

Unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement, the agreement shall be contracted for the duration of a process or individual operations, in consultation between both parties.
At the end of the agreed contract period, the agreement may be extended by mutual agreement between the two parties.
Each of the parties is, without any prejudice to the right to compensation of costs, damage and interest, entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect by registered letter without judicial intervention if:

- The other party has not fulfilled one or more of its obligations and has failed to fulfil its obligations within the time set for it for fulfillment, unless the shortcoming(s) is (are) of such a nature or minor importance that it does not reasonably justify dissolution.
- For the other party, bankruptcy or suspension of payments is applied for or granted, or measures are taken that indicate the termination or cessation of the company. 

Article 5. Cancellation

Cancellation of appointments for individual persons resulting from an agreement must take place no later than 48 hours before the agreed time.
A replacement by another person, arranged by the client, will not be considered as a cancellation.

The following cancellation conditions apply to the cancellation of consultations:
- In the event of cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of a consultation, the client will not be charged any costs.
- In case of cancellation 24 hours before the start of a consultation, the client will be charged 50% of the amount for the consultation.
- In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the start of a consultation, the client will be charged 100% of the amount for the consultation.

If a consultation at the request of a client is postponed to a later date, the client is in case of a rescheduling:
- Up to 48 hours before the start of the consultation, no costs will be charged
- Within 48 hours before the start of the consultation 50% of the amount will be charged
- within 24 hours before the start of the consultation, the full amount will be charged

If cancellation does not take place or takes place too late, the therapist/healer/practice is entitled to charge the relevant service(s) in full with the right to payment of all costs incurred by him/her in this respect.
The therapist/healer/practice is reasonably entitled to change an already planned appointment with regard to the time of day.
In that case, (s)he must also make this known at least 48 hours before the agreed time, whereby the most favourable travel time for the client will be adhered to.

Article 6. Secrecy, management of files and right of inspection

The therapist/healer/practice will treat all information concerning the client that he/she obtains in the provision of his/her services confidentially and will not make this information available to third parties, except in so far as the therapist/healer/practice is obliged to do so or the therapist/healer/practice has obtained permission from the client. 

Article 7. Fees

The fees for consultations or individual transactions are based on the most recent price list.

Article 8. Billing and payment

Services for private patient/clients must be paid for by the latter immediately after the services have been provided to the therapist/healer/practice in exchange for a receipt.
Services for patient/clients other than private individuals will be charged by the therapist/healer/practice in accordance with the agreement by means of an invoice. 

Invoicing will take place on the basis of the fees and the number of transactions agreed between the parties at the start of the service provision.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the non-private client must pay the therapist/healer/practice without any recourse to set-off within 14 days of the invoice date. 

If the term of payment is exceeded, the client is in breach without any notice of that fact being required.
The therapist/healer/practice is entitled to suspend his/her obligations to provide services with effect from the date on which the payment term has expired.
The therapist/healer/practice will inform the client in a timely manner of the aforementioned suspension of his/her services.

As from the aforementioned date, the client is indebted to pay the statutory interest on the outstanding amount.
Furthermore, all extrajudicial collection costs shall be for the account of the client.
Collection costs include the costs of lawyers, bailiffs and collection agencies, determined in accordance with the applicable or customary rates. 

Article 9. Downpayment and instalment payment

In the event of registration for a multi-day event or programme, a downpayment may be requested in advance in order to finalise the registration for participation.
This downpayment is non-refundable, except in the case of :
- serious and verifiable illness of the participant
- death in the family of the participant
- cancellation of the multi-day event or programme by the organisation

No interest will be paid to the participant on the downpayment.

In the event of a multi-day event or programme, the parties can mutually agree in advance on a instalment payment.
In that cae the invoice outlines the parts in which the payments can be done as well as the day(s) to which those parts relate.
The payment of each instalment must have taken place before the relevant day(s) to which this payment relates, as stated on the invoice. 

If a payment in instalments has been agreed in advance, the obligation to pay the full amount remains at all times, even if the participant chooses later not to attend (parts of) one or more days of the multi-day event or programme.
On the installments no interest is charged to the participant. 

Article 10. Liability

In the execution of the services of the therapist/healer/practice there is an obligation to perform to the best of one's ability.

The therapist/healer/practice does not issue any medical guarantee in any way, nor is he/she liable in any way for medical complications that occur at the time of or after the execution of his/her services for the client, which cannot be attributed to a serious accountable shortcoming of the therapist/healer/practice.

The therapist/healer/practice is in no way liable for any consequential damage.
The therapist/healer/practice is not liable for any damage resulting from the fact that the client has not properly followed the verbal or written advice given by the therapist/healer/practice.
The liability of the therapist/healer/practice for damage resulting from the services provided by him/her - possibly with the involvement of non-subordinates - is limited to a maximum of the costs of a consultation.
In all cases, any liability of the therapist/healer/practice is limited to the amount charged to the client.

The client is obliged to take all precautions necessary to limit the damage for which he/she wishes to hold the therapist/healer/practice liable. 

Article 11. Applicable law and disputes

The services of the therapist/healer/practice are governed by Dutch law.
In disputes arising from or related to the services of the therapist/healer/practice that fall within the jurisdiction of the court, the court has exclusive jurisdiction. 

Article 12. Complaint Procedure

Within the framework of the Wkkgz (Dutch legislation), the therapist/healer/practice is affiliated with the NIBIG (www.NIBIG.nl).
In the event of a dispute or complaint regarding the services of the therapist/healer/practice, the client can make use of the complaint procedure, as required by law according to the Wkkgz.
In the first instance, complaints could be made known verbally.
If these consultations do not lead to a solution that is acceptable to both parties, the complaint will have to be submitted again in writing to the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF.
Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF is obliged to come up with a proposal for a solution within two weeks.

If this does not lead to a mutually acceptable solution, the complaint will again have to be submitted in writing to the complaints officer of NIBIG.
This official is independent and shall strive to resolve the dispute through mediation. This mediation is provided at no cost to the client.

If the complaint cannot be resolved to the client's satisfaction, the client is entitled to submit the complaint as a dispute to an acknowledged Dispute Settlement Body.
The client can contact Stichting Zorggeschil (the Health Care Disputes Foundation) for this purpose (www.zorggeschil.nl).
Stichting Zorggeschil has been recognised by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. 

The client has the possibility to submit a complaint directly to the Disputes Settlement Body if (s)he holds the opinion that in the given circumstances no proper communication with the therapist/healer/practice is possible.



Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF

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We highly respect the work of our regular health care, physicians and specialists!
We do not want to suggest in any way that our aid is a substitute for the treatment or medication they provide.
We would like to emphasise to everyone that they should always consult their general practitioner or treating specialist before coming to the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine for an ET-healing session.
We do not see our work as an alternative to regular care, but as an addition to regular care.
We do not make any medical claims, we do not make any health claims and we do not give any guarantees for a desired outcome.

With our name of Healing Centre Beyond Medicine, we not only aim to make it clear that we work without medication (only perform purely energetic work), but also that we only provide service after the process of regular care when providing assistance to our clients.

Medical Disclaimer

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF shall refrain from making medical diagnoses and medical claims.
Advice and ET-healing sessions should be seen as an addition to the regular medical facilities, treatments and advice, not as a substitute for them.

This practice will never claim to cure any disease or condition and will never recommend stopping or changing any medication or treatment recommended by a physician.

The information on this website is not intended as a substitute for services or information provided by trained (medical) professionals and/or care providers, such as (general) doctors, medical specialists, emergency care, (acute) mental health care, physiotherapists and psychotherapists (not an exhaustive list).

Neither the information on these websites nor the possibilities for use can therefore be seen as a substitute for medical or other professional help, care, support or information and is not intended as an aid in making a (self-)diagnosis.

Visitors are advised to submit any medical questions, complaints or symptoms to the treating physician or other healthcare professional in a timely manner in order to receive professional examination, diagnosis and possibly medical care.
Visitors are advised never to postpone the timely search for professional care or never to disregard medical advice already obtained based on information on this website.

In the event of acute medical complaints or psychological problems and in the event of aggravation of complaints or symptoms, visitors are advised to contact their own doctor or GP or the emergency number immediately.


Information on the website

The website including its parts is the property of Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF.
The information on the website of the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF has been carefully compiled.
It is not permitted to publish, copy or store the site or any part of it for commercial purposes without the written permission of Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF.
No consent is required for non-commercial use.

The information on the site is regularly updated.
Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF reserves the right to make any changes with immediate effect and without any notice.

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that could arise as a result of the use of the information provided herein.
No rights or claims can be derived in any way from the content of this website.
The content of this site is only intended as information.

Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF accepts no liability whatsoever for any malfunctioning of this website.
Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF accepts no liability whatsoever for inaccuracies and incompleteness of the information and prices included on this website.

Although the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF makes every effort to prevent misuse, the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF is not liable for information and/or messages sent by users of the website via the Internet.

References to sites that are not maintained by Beyond Medicine VOF Healing Centre are included for the sole purpose of informing the visitor.
Although the Healing Centre Beyond Medicine VOF is extremely selective with regard to the sites referred to, it cannot guarantee the content and functioning thereof, nor the quality of any products and/or services offered on these sites.
Any liability with regard to sites that are not maintained by Beyond Medicine VOF Healing Centre is rejected.

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When you register with us for the newsletter or ask a question via the contact page, you leave your personal details with us.
Perfectly logical. Because we need them to process your question or application.
But we can imagine that you want to know exactly what we do with your personal data, because your privacy is important. And we will be happy to tell you!

All the data you leave behind with us is safely stored behind a digital lock and locked with one of the most modern techniques: the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
When a website uses this technique you will see a nice green lock to the left of your address bar.

We handle your data with care!
We will never sell your data to others.
We also give you the opportunity to see which of your data we have stored.
And on request we can also remove them for you from our system.

We use your personal data to process your question or application.
For this we need your name, e-mail address and sometimes also your telephone number.
With this information we can get in touch with you.

You can sign up for the newsletter with us. In this way you will be kept informed of our activities and developments in our practice.Do you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter? At the bottom of each newsletter there is a link with which you can easily unsubscribe from our newsletter.

Personal ET-Healing Sessions

When you come into our practice for a personal session, we ask for contact details such as your name, email address and phone number when making the appointment.
During the session, audio recordings are made so that you can relisten to all the information that comes through during the session at a later time at your leiasure.

Your email address is used to send you a link to the audio recording so that you can download this file to your computer.
The name of the file contains your initials and the date of the recording. We will retain these files for a maximum of 3 months and will then be deleted.

We also use your personal data in order to be able to come into contact with you if, for example, the appiontment needs to be rescheduled.

Participation in an event

If you want to participate in one of our events, we will ask for contact information such as your name, email address and phone number when you sign up.
Your e-mail address is used to confirm the registration, to send a reminder and possibly after the event to send a link to any documentation or audio recordings, which you can download yourself on your computer.
We also use your personal data to get in touch with you if, for example, the event needs to be changed or additional information needs to be sent.

Customer Experiences

We love customer experiences!
And many of our customers also like to read the experiences of others!
However, we will only post your customer experience or publish anything about you if you have written it yourself or have approved it to publish it on our website or social media.
We will explicitly ask for approval of publishing the content and and the approval of veracity of the content and whether the content has been made sufficiently anonymous.

Cookies you can't eat

Cookies. We have all heard about it, but what are they?
Cookies are small, simple text files that your computer or mobile device stores when you use our webshop or website. But why do we do that?

There are many different cookies. For example, cookies are used to ensure that the website functions properly.
Like remembering your shopping cart or checking out. These are functional cookies. We don't use these, after all we don't have an online shop.

Then there are analytical cookies. These cookies are used to analyze the use of the website by users, this tracking and analyzing the use is completely anonymous.
Finally, there are social media cookies from third parties. Think of Facebook and YouTube, for example.
If you want to watch a YouTube video on our website or post a like on our blog, a cookie is needed.

If you do not want your browser to store cookies, you can indicate this in your browser settings.
By default there is set that cookies may be placed, you can disable this.
However, this may mean that our website no longer functions as it should or that it is operating at a slower pace.

Every browser has its own settings, below are the most used browsers.
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Safari - Apple's use of cookies



It is, of course, important that our privacy statement remains up to date.
That is why we change our privacy statement from time to time.
Therefore, check our privacy statement from time to time.

We last updated it on: 15-3-2018


Comprehensive Privacy Statement

Would you like to receive a comprehensive Privacy Statement from us? That is possible!
With the button on the right you can download our full Privacy Statement.



Questions and Feedback

Do you have questions about our privacy statement or do you feel that something is wrong?
Please contact us ?
We take your privacy seriously and where we overlook things and can make improvements we will certainly do so.
Thank you very much!!