Cover of 15 Minutes And Counting

15 Minutes And Counting

Belief, Consciousness and Identity

Year: 2009
Category: Existence & Consciousness
Bashar kicks off this powerful weekend event discussing the importance of the 15 minute time span as
Cover of Ariel School

Ariel School

Ruwa Zimbabwe 1994

Year: 1994
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
One of the most outstanding UFO experiences involving a group of children took place on September 16
Cover of Cybo


Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2016
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
Bashar brings a new game to Vegas! In this session, we learn an ancient Essassani secret: that trans
Cover of Dear Mom And Dad

Dear Mom And Dad

Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2016
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
A heartwarming and humorous open letter from the hybrid children, as they explain what it is they ar
Cover of Dreamworld


Dimensions and Realities

Year: 2019
Category: Dimensions & Realities
Where do we go when we dream? Bashar will describe 'Dreamworld,' a part of the lower astral realm in
Cover of Earth Zero

Earth Zero

Transformation and Earth

Year: 2019
Category: Transformation to New Earth
Each moment, the entire Earth shifts back to the zero template, in the same way that each individual
Cover of Grey Beings

Grey Beings

Exploring our subconscious mind

Edited by Robert Shapiro
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
The Grey Beings Now, one of you might experience being picked up by these Grey beings. I mention
Cover of Grey Federation

Grey Federation

The parallel Earth that destroyed itself

Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
The Grey Federation You have arrived now into this vibrational energy which is ripe to interconnec
Cover of Interstellar Enneagram I

Interstellar Enneagram I

Civilizations, ET-Contact and Beyond Earth

Year: 2014
Category: Civilizations & Open Contact
In this exciting three-part weekend event, Bashar uses the Interstellar Enneagram to explore the his
Cover of Living An Extraordinary Life

Living An Extraordinary Life

Creation and Manifestation

Year: 2014
Category: Creation & Manifestation
Journey with Bashar beyond the ordinary into a fuller realization of who you are. Expand what you b