8. ET-Healing Retreat - A Spiritual Journey

ET-Healing Retreat
13. 12. 05
posted by: Jacqueline Fiolet
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Close your eyes for a moment and imagine .... you are together with a small group of 13 like minded people staying for a week in an former monastry in the warm south of France. Mountains all around you, completely surrounded by beautiful nature and silence. This region is full of active ley-lines, crossing right underneath the chapel of this monastry and connecting many sacred places in the area.


The ET-Healing Retreat ... Finding Your Way Home

In these times of transformation on many levels, more and more people are looking for ways to come into contact with their higher selves, with like-minded people and with beings in other realities or dimensions.
And since everything is based on energy and vibration, what people are finely looking for is to clear themselves from lower vibrations and lifting their systems, so that contact on other levels become natural and effortless.
By definition, when you start to vibrate on your true core being, you start experiencing the outer world completely different than before.
New ways will open up apparantly out of the blue, but actually you have opend new doors that where formerly not visible to you because you didn't have the vibration to notice them.

This is why we have named these retraites "The ET-Healing Retreat" - with the help of our extraterrestrial friends we works with daily people can make very rapid changes in their systems in ways of physical, emotional en mental health, as well as to experience your true essence, your true vibration.
In this proces you most likely will come to know what parts in your (belief-)system stops you from living your true potential, your true passion and once that has become part of your consiousness, you have the opportunity to make new choices and make the changes you are yearning for.

These ET-Healing Retraites are a fine combination of outdoor activity, inner work and quiet moments for yourself.
Together we will visit sacred places in the area, staying there for a while to experience and work the energies, we will take you on journeys through the dimensions with Stargate Experiences, we offer each and everone in the group the options for ET-healing sessions, channelings with the ET's and much more ...

If this is your first ET-Healing Retraite, we also offer (and recommend) you the possibility to receive The Reconnection


The Reconnection

The Reconnection is a personal proces where energy points and lines are reactivated by which your will experience more of the direct contact your with True Self and your connection to the whole of creation. The Reconnection will support you in becoming more consious who you are, where you are from and why you have come here in this life.
It is a reconnection to your inner being, the planet Earth and the Universe and you will feel that !

Step by step you will start to go in the direction you want and let go of the things that are not resonating with you anymore. And the letting go will not be a though process of involuntary take leave from anything but as a gratefull return of the things not compatible with you anymore.
Moment of The Reconnection is a starting point of a process that will take time. After 3 months you will see the first clear changes in the way you act in life, after a year the changes are so clear, that people in your surroundings will start noticing it as well. So it takes some time, but that is a good thing ... it is really not wise to make the whole transition at once !

For more information on The Reconnection we suggest to read our page THE RECONNECTION



During the week we provide the options for personal healing sessions with our Extraterrestrial Teams. Even if you do not have any issues you would like a healing on, just being in a one-to-one session with an ET-healer and the ET's is a wonderful experience we can recommend.
But since most people do have any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual discomfort, this is a wonderfull opportunity to make use off.

You can read more about ET-Healing on ET-HEALING

Stargate Experiences

The Stargate is a sacred geometric structure that acts as an inter-dimensional doorway, emitting a powerful, high-vibrational energy field, facilitating healing on all levels, multi-dimensional DNA reactivation, psychic awakening, and a powerful awareness of one's Quantum Self. 
In the Stargate Meditations you will be invited to actually experience the Stargate energies coming to you in an effortlessly deep meditation experience.

As you simply relax into this strong, high-vibrational energy field you will begin to vibrate at a higher level - your sensitivity will rapidly increase, and you will be able to actually feel the presence of various benevolent beings who will be invited to bring their presence, their vibration, into your space.  This all happens on a Quantum level, the beings work with you through your higher Self and guides in the most appropriate way for you in the moment.

The intent of the Stargate work is to support individuals to know themselves. This occurs as multi-dimensional frequencies are radiated, touching dormant aspects of the many-stranded multi-dimensional DNA within each individual. This encourages the re-awakening of dormant parts of your DNA. The Stargate Experience will introduce you to a totally new way of evolving your consciousness. No need for hard work, just relaxing and allowing your superconsciousness to elevate your human experience.

You can read more about the Stargate on THE STARGATE EXPERIENCE

And more ... 

Visits to special energy spots in the neighbouring area, nightwatches, personal information and documentaries regarding our extraterrestrial friends and more. 
Actually one week is too short ... 

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A video says more than a thousand words ...  


This is how a previous group experienced the ET-Healing Retreat ...




Residence La Vie Tara - Maison de Terre Neuve

During this week you will be nourished in a gastronomical way as well and all these meals and drinks are included !
Every morning fresh crunchy French bread, many times outside in the sun on the terrace.
The 3-courses dinners are marvelous, also for the vegetarians, and afterwards you will have the time for yourself and enjoy all the impressions of the day.
You can withdraw in nature, your room or just relax in front of the open fire with a nice glass of wine.
Or maybe you want to see a documentary about ET's or any other related subject in the movie hall ... or watch real life movements in the sky using the telescopes ?



These ET-Healing Retraites are an unforgettable vacation !!!

The costs for this week, full-board, start from 1.025,- euro *, depending on the type of room you prefer.


  * costs for travelling not included


You can register for this wonderfull experience by sending an email to  with you contactdetails.
Your registration is definitive after the receipt of the 250,- euro p.p. deposit.  This deposit is non-refundable.


 For more photos of La Vie Tara click on .... LA VIE TARA